Valencia St Victory

Neighboring Bernalwood alerts us to new Google Street View imagery!  Not only are Bernal and La Lengua out of the Google black hole, but the Mission has updated images.

This guy in front of Pi Bar was happy to see the Google Prius:

In fact, he held this pose for quite some time:

Most impressively, he managed to keep his feet in EXACTLY THE SAME POSITION as Google drove by, yet he continued to move down the sidewalk. That, my friends, is talent.

Local dog shreds local pavement on local pint-sized skateboard

Now that’s just right, am I wrong?

[Photo by Mary]

Local tagger tags local dog

Now that’s just wrong, am I right? Or I dunno, maybe it’s water soluble, or CGI. F.E.B. C.G.I.!

[Photo by Man Freckles]

Help choose Arizmendi Bakery’s newest specialty sourdough bread

They’re discontinuing the apparently not popular enough Pumpkin Seed-Chili Sourdough, and replacing it on the roster with one of the above. So head on in and initial underneath whichever one sounds best. And also have a slice and a chocolate chip cookie.

Summertime in the Mission


You know it’s a nice day when the parrots come out to play.


Toughness and sweetness mixed together

Mai over at Fashionist tells us why she likes this look:

I like the toughness and sweetness mixed together in this image of Andrea.

And, maybe even better, the first comment on the post says:

Love her look. It’s straight out of the 90′s, which are golden years to me.

I love the ’90s! Closeups and further commentary here.

P.S. Don’t forget, Debaser is this Saturday!

Lou Reeds

The ever inventive Doctor Popular recently walked down Osage Street and discovered 32 Lou Reed stencils on the ground. Over on Objective Scenes, the group mobile phone photography blog*, of which he is a member, he posted up the below gif which moves through all of the stencils as seen by his mobile phone camera. Pretty cool result.

*That is definitely an explanation that would not have made sense to me five years ago.


(And Max.)

The awful, awful scum single ladies have to deal with in this city

Honey In Yr Brain just returned from a considerable hiatus with a killer breakdown of the problem with heterosexual romance in San Francisco:

Do you understand the LIMITATIONS women have in this city? It’s sort of crazy…..for every one attractive guy who actually has 60%+ of his shit together there are a thousand really great ladies with good style who have %70+ of their shit together. It’s not fair here in my age bracket…so many of us women have to settle for some dude who is just AND I QUOTE (from more than one dude) “hanging out”. aren’t going to school? No. You aren’t working? No….I’m on unemployment. For how long have you been on unemployment for? A year….WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU DO HERE? I tag sometimes…hang out at the park. WOT? Ugh it makes my stomach hurt just thinking about the awful, awful scum single ladies have to deal with in this city.

Read on.

[Photo by LLL]

Whimsical escapist video detailing the making of Flour + Water tortellini

Looks good enough to make a multi-billionaire wait an hour in line for, doesn’t it?

The video was shot by Eric Wolfinger and edited by Pete Lee.

[via petelee]