Sunset of the century

I mean, come on. That was goin’ off.

The sky is Goin Off right now.

These are just two that I grabbed, not even counting the rainbows, I can’t keep up with all the others people are posting. Add yours in the comments!

There were cute baby bunnies (and a really weird-looking bunny) on the sidewalk outside Dandelion Chocolate yesterday afternoon

I happened upon them on my way to the Pot + Pantry farewell party yesterday, and I thought about taking pics, but I just couldn’t get in there what with the crowd being three or four deep and everybody ‘grammin every second. So I just looked to see who ‘grammed it best:

I guess the occasion is Easter, and Dandelion has a very special Easter basket for sale right now:

- a silkscreened card by the talented Jen Kindell
- chocolate covered almonds by Feve (made with our chocolate)
- chocolate covered cookies by Kika’s treats (made with our chocolate)
- a 3-pack of our single-origin bars
- in a basket with a bow

Only $50!

Famed NYC soul DJ Jonathan Toubin presides over a dance-off this Saturday (with a little help from Primo)

Toubin and his New York Night Train empire are a pret-ty big deal, so it’s gonna be lovely to have it all here at Rickshaw Stop for a night:

GET DOWN all night long to the extra-exceptional, explosive, and exquisite 1960s soul 45s of globe-trotting New York DJ MR JONATHAN TOUBIN! New York Night Train’s Soul Clap and Dance-Off is North America’s most popular soul party − by far playing to more people in more places and generating more capital than any of its contemporaries. The concept is simple – all night dancing to the wild soul 45s of subterranean superstar NYC DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin and, in the middle, a $100 CASH PRIZE dance contest judged by a panel of local celebrities.

RSVP and invite your friends!

Here’s a pic I took of Wam Bam Ashleyanne winning the dance-off last time Soul Clap was in town:

Top that!

(Oh and she and I are on the judging panel this time, so be sure to address us as “Your Honor” if you see us. Starting now. Thanx.)

Intense new single from B. Hamilton: ‘As Stupid as the Sun’

Full length out soon, they say, and they’re headlining Amnesia this Friday!

Big groups of friends strolling the new 20th Street corridor, looking for or stumbling out of Trick Dog

Day in, day out, be it Saturday night or Wednesday night, happy hour or late-night, rain or shine, this is pretty much the scene:

HBO shooting new series partially in the Mission

The Untitled Michael Lannan Comedy, as it’s currently known, centers around “three thirty-something friends living in San Francisco who grapple with all the options in contemporary life and the complexities of the modern gay experience”, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show’s adapted from a comedic feature script by Lannan called Lorimer. It will star Jonothan Groff, from Glee, who also is apparently dating Zachary Quinto. So . . . there’s your Hollywood gossip.

Hot Mission Sunday
[stock photo by me, just in case it helped to see an image of the Mission]

Anyway, it sounds like they’ll be shooting sometime soon around the neighborhood, possibly at bars like El Rio and Esta Noche. So far HBO has only greenlit the pilot, but just in case it gets picked up I’m thinking about taglines for them.

Going off of the little info I have:

Sex and the City by the Bay

A Story of the Modern Millennial Milieu

Out and About some Boys

Gay Bay Today, Bab-ay

Anyone else?

UPDATE: Casting info includes a “Dancing Bear” stripper and a good looking gay couple with a mixed-race child to hang out in “the park”, which could be Dolores, but I guess people still hang out in other parks . . . ?

Community meeting tonight to discuss whether a skatepark or dog park or something else entirely should go under the freeway next to Zeitgeist

Man, seems like we posted this exact news like a jillion years ago. When will this actually happen???

(Thanks, Devin!)

Behind the scenes at Darn-It!, the new denim repair shop by Self Edge

Self Edge has long been the place to bring your jeans for repairs and hemming, but they’ve traditionally used outside contractors for those services. This month, they finally opened up their very own operation, and it is quite a place:

This vintage-style studio will be one of the only of its kind in the country and offers two different types of 1950s Singer Darning Machines, a rare vintage 43200G Union Special Chainstitching Machine and a 1920s  Steel Kick Press, along with a dedicated team of sewing experts.

Here’s the team at work, step by step, hemming up a new pair of jeans:

And then boom, you’re all happy about your brand-new pants:


Reserved for the mutilated and invalid


According to an ancient Milanese streetcar. What a difference a century makes.

I wonder how we’ll feel when we look back on this Prop 8 business a hundred years from now.

(Thanks Heather for the translation!)

Balkan disko party moves to fourth Tuesdays at El Rio, retains rad poster art

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