Drink of the Week: Frozen margarita swirled into a glass of sangria

It’s called Sangre del Toro, and it’s at West of Pecos. It’s what we were drinking that time we saw a million people we knew walk by out front.

I’m actually in Brooklyn right now, and last night I had a drink called the Beergarita at this place Daddy’s. They float some alright frozen margarita on top of a pint of some alright beer. And it’s really good! As I’m sure you can easily imagine. So imagine how good it must be to have some really excellent frozen margarita swirled into some really excellent sangria! It’s really excellent. Plus, the people watching at this place is great, obviously. Can’t wait to get back!

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Fire at Chez Spencer

Another restaurant burned last night, adding itself to the list of neighborhood eateries catching fire recently.

You’ll recall that We Be Sushi and Thai House 530 on Valencia were both affected by a fire less than two weeks ago. Little Baobab burned just 9 days before that. We Be and Thai House are re-opening soon and Little Baobab moved their business next door. Earlier this year, across the Bay, Chez Panisse was damaged by fire, and has since re-opened. In the Bay, Forbes Island caught fire just three weeks ago.

Be careful, restaurants!

BART delays through this morning’s commute


Says bart.gov:

“Major delays through Transbay Tube for morning commute
Expect major delays of 20 to 60 minutes this morning through the Transbay Tube. We are single tracking due to damage on the third rail following a collision of rail maintenance vehicles at approximately 2 am this morning. We expect these delays to continue throught the morning commute and impact scheduled service on all lines. We are working as quickly as we can to safely restore service.”

Liberating a stolen bike with a pedal-powered angle grinder

This is almost as rad as the time that guy tracked down the guy who stole his bike on Craigslist and traveled all the way from Portland to Seattle to set up a sting operation.  From Fossil Fool:

Stolen bike recovered in heroic fashion on Bartlett St. as members of the Rock The Bike crew pedal power their way through a U-Lock. If your bike is stolen in the Mission, mobilize your networks to get lots of eyeballs working for you, pattern matching your bike against all the ones they see. Bike thieves aren’t the brightest bulbs on the tree…

Nice work SF cyclist community!

Community meeting to discuss Mercado Plaza tonight!

We’re always super excited by the prospect of closing street access to cars in favor of pedestrian thoroughfares to help promote community engagement, and the proposed Mercado Plaza on Bartlett between 22nd and 21st Streets is no exception.  On that note, the Mission Community Market is hosting a meeting tonight in the Women’s Building at 6pm for you to tell them what you think about it:

Thanks to YOUR support, we secured funds for the Mercado Plaza project. Now let’s see what the future could look like at an open house hosted by the San Francisco Planning Department, Department of Public Works, MTA.

Improvements could include new pavement, safer sidewalks, market stalls, better lighting, street graphics, a marquee, and more. But it all depends on your input! Please come and tell us what you think!

Mercado Plaza Open House
Wednesday, May 29 6:00-7:30 PM
The Women’s Building, ROOM A3543 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Check out all the details here.

UPDATE!!! Apparently I was mistaken and the proposal actually isn’t to close the street to car traffic permanently, but rather to make it a better public space; safer, cleaner, and with a better street/sidewalk.  So, to reiterate, the plan is NOT to eliminate all parking and all car traffic, but it’s still gonna be rad!

Special Tex-Mex menu, raffle, prizes and more at benefit for beloved bartender tonight at Dear Mom

Hot new look for summer: Mushroom pants!!!

What an outfit, right? Primo is such a FUN GUY!

(And his cat art show, currently up at Four Barrel, is just as excellent.)

Scenes from Primo’s art opening

One of many of works on display:

The artist arrives, fashionably late:

More art is hung:

Primo and Dennis Kernohan:

The show, titled Come to My DJ Night, is up at Four Barrel through June 26. Have a look!

People having a blast at Singin’ & Pingin’

Oh and there was a “We Are the World”-style group performance of “Get Lucky,” so no wonder:

DJ Purple is a genius.

For more photos, see the whole album on Facebook. For more Dance Karaoke, hit up Slate Bar on Thursday! And for more Berlin-style ping pong, join the SF Berlin-Style Ping Pong League!

What kind of wiper are you?