If you don’t go to Oldies Night tonight, Primo is going to start working at Google

And we won’t get to see these amazing flyers or dance to the best soul grooves in town anymore!  Or so he threatens.

Best not to risk it.  See ya there!

Breakdance at the Knockout with BASSTOWN tonight!

All I needed to hear was that you get in for free by wearing a tracksuit.  Ch-check it out here.

Retro resto blast from the past and more from posthoc.com

Here‘s a blast from before the bust of ’01. When Slanted Door used to be on Valencia and places like Mangiafuoco on Guerrero used to offer basic Italian grub and grog (“It has chianti and what else do you need in an Italian restaurant”).

Benders was Sacrifice, serving up rum ribs and voodoo pasta in a tiki setting (“Don’t ask about how this purgatorial “tiki lounge” fits in, it just does”).

Booze was referred to as liquids and Amnesia charged a whopping $2 for live shows. Over at The Uptown a good jukebox was defined as one stocked with Dylan and Morphine, but beers were $3 and the dude next to you could probably tip you off on a well priced nitrous tank.

The current de-gentrified Club Veintiséis on Mission near 26th was the gentrified 26 Mix, a “sound bar” offering up a high quality listening experience while you sipped on your suds à la Tokyo style bars which feature a premium soundsystem and choice djs.

Bonus interview with dj Spesh aka “dj Special K” of club QOÖL fame right here, who will surely get a kick out of this decade old frosty picture we’ve unearthed.

24th Street BART hobos hold midnight Prince Chaka Khan flash mob dance party [VIDEO]

Good to see they got my tweet.  Who says that hipsters get to have all the fun?  I hope they woke up that NIMBY jerk who got the city to ban DJs at the Attic.


Contest: Win two tickets to a night of art, dance, and music from beyond the astral plane

If you’re looking for something to do this Thursday, you need look no further, because Mashi Mashi is presenting a visceral night of astral plane visionary aesthetes that happens to have a little something for everybody.  Bands, DJ’s, and art–what more could you possibly want?  It’s all going down at Cellspace this Thursday, and they’re even giving away two free tickets!

All you have to do is write a caption in the comments for one of the images in the flyer (see it bigger here), like that one of the cheetah on the Ferrari [night city gazelles are FUCKED].  The contest ends Wednesday at 5pm, so get cracking!

RSVP and invite your friends here!  Oh, and don’t forget to properly prepare for the occasion by listening to a custom mix curated by Tristes Tropiques!

Oldies Night tonight at the Knockout!

It’s the first Friday of the month, and you know what that means! And no, I’m not talking about some silly art walk.  It’s time to break out those saddle shoes and get your butt over to one of the best dance parties in town going off at the Knockout tonight!

Sadly, I just sprained my MCL playing soccer last weekend and the doctor said NO DANCING for 6-8 weeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fun!  Don’t forget to RSVP and invite your friends here.

Smithsfits at the Knockout this Friday the 13th!

What better night to tempt the lords of darkness with a wild Smiths/Misfits dance party than Friday the 13th?  Afraid?  Too bad, because the Smithsfits Friend Club makes it triumphant return tomorrow at the Knockout, and the best part is that the first 36 people to walk through the door get a rad limited edition Smithsfits button!  You’d be surprised how well the Smiths and Misfits go together when you just want to dance, which is why this night has become one of my favorite parties in the neighborhood!  Be sure to Like the page so you stay up to date on when the next party’s going down (that is, if you make it through the night).

Oh, and don’t forget to RSVP and invite your friends here!

Mission Boogaloo

Better late than never, an animated GIF of breakdancing/kung-fu fighting from Sunday Streets:

This guy was also doing that Russian kick-dancing thing (kazachok/prisyadka?) which was pretty awesome. Almost made up for the Dennis Richmond Band getting shut down by the cops thanks to the parents of the kids band playing by the library, or so the rumor goes.

Tomorrow get down to the sound of Pop. 1280

Remember that time you were lost in the nacht, the moon was full, and everything seemed effin’ awesome? Well, get your corpse over to Warm Leatherette at Submission this Saturday for a joyous incision of fog fueled tunes from below and an early live set from Brooklyn bloodletters, Pop. 1280. Regular djs Riegler, Nihar, and Jason P will be turning out top notch nocturnal lullabies guaranteed hijack your heels.


Girl Walk // All Day // Dance Party

Girl Walk // All Day is a super cute and life-affirming dance music video, featuring a bunch of people improv-dancing their way across New York to the entirety of Girl Talk’s album All Day. It’ll be closing off SF IndieFest tomorrow night at the Roxie Theater with a screening and accompanying dance party.

Here’s a little more about the film, plus a trailer:

A young dancer finds herself bored with her ballet rehearsal. One day, she impulsively quits, then takes a ferry to the city. Feeling incredibly inspired by what she sees, Anne dances her way across New York, using the city as her stage. Throughout her journey, she meets characters of all types, including a series of like-minded dancers, who’ll inspire new movements, engage her in small battles, and teach her to fear, love, laugh and live anew. From the ferry to museums, subways, ball games, bridges, bodegas, graveyards, flower shops, and more, Anne’s journey will bring her far and wide as the city explodes with dance!