Ready to make it on her own in the big city!

But right now she probably regrets forgetting that pink umbrella…

Going for it in the broom closet at the Knockout, ’09 or ’10

A cute blast from the past courtesy of reader Ron:

This happened at the knockout back 2009/2010. A couple was going for it in the broom closet during debaser or booty or some crazy overfull party. The whole club was in on the action (they were naked from the waist down…right?) to the point to where they were in just about full view. I had a Canon pocket camera i used to carry everywhere and I managed to catch the action. Never thought about doing anything about the images. I’m going through a purge and I found my old memory cards and I found these gems among the other useless images I shot at that time.

Dance Karaoke romance

Here’s one of the great things about DJ Purple’s patented “Dance Karaoke” party: even if you’re turned off by the fact that the girl or guy you desire only has one go-to karaoke song (and that song is “Gangsta’s Paradise”) you can always just get things going on the dance floor:

Amanda at slate karaoke – m4w (mission district)

We danced at karaoke. Your name is Amanda. I am shy but I wouldn’t mind getting to know you better. [link]

Here’s hoping they get to dance together once again!

(Thanks, Candy!)

[Photo by Jess Kelso]

Modern romance

My pal Chad is really into karaoke. (As am I.) Apparently he says so on his online-dating profiles, and here’s what happens when a nice young lady doesn’t heed his warning:

Done and done. Easy peasy.

Now, before you rip on Chad for being so quick to pass, and before you rip on this nice young lady for not branching out more at karaoke, think about it… Back in the old days, it might take you 10 years of marriage (followed by a bitter divorce) to figure out that it wasn’t going to work because the only song she’d karaoke was “Gangsta’s.” Modern romance cuts right to the chase!

(Also, be sure to check out DJ Purple’s debut at SoMa StrEat Food Park this Saturday night!)

Lonely homeless cowboy seeks ‘girlfrind’ and travel

Says Capp Street Crap, who published this pic just now:

Want to believe this all happened and he didn’t need the sign anymore. [link]

Holy cow yeah, oof, this is beautiful. It’s a Lee Hazlewood song just waiting to be written. Let’s rock:

Great ideas

[via Capp Street Crap]

Hot new look for summer: His and hers cords

And get this: the couple pictured, Stella and Tony, just got renamed by our other pal Beth. Together… they are “Stony.” Nice cords, Stony!!

[via Stella]

Love at first pat-down

From Missed Connections:

Security ID checker at SFO – w4w (SFO)

When: Saturday night, June 21 around 8:30

You: Super cute girl working the security line checking ID’s at SFO. You chatted with me, wondering why I was going to Newark – said, “Its not cold enough here for you?”

Me: Short dark hair, glasses, apparently incapable of human conversation in the face of unanticipated humor from an attractive woman. You asked my last name. I spelled it. Its a miracle I’ve made it this far in life.

I’ll be back in a few weeks. Let me prove to you that I can complete a sentence. Yeah? :) [link]

[via Roll Over Easy, the best radio show in town] [Photo by]

If mattresses could talk


[via Capp Street Crap]

Z Dating Game graduates from Z Below to the Z Space main stage this Z Saturday night!

Z Dating Game is the Mission’s very own version of the classic TV game show, but it boasts boatloads more booze and also lots of cursing. Co-producers Jack Morse and Rob Ready have done it a few times in Z Space’s small, underground space Z Below, but this weekend they’re moving to the main stage! (Congrats, boys!) And check it out, they whipped up a little Q&A just for us:

How does the show work?

A bachelor or bachelorette comes on stage and questions three potential dates with inquisitive gems like “Do you like horses? Defend your answer.” And, “When was the last time you hate fucked?” After a few rounds of questions, the bachelor(ette) picks a date and Z Space sets them up with dinner for two and tickets to a show… at Z Space!

AND for people who don’t get picked, is going to set them up on a date of their own so they get a second chance at love.

Why is this going to be hella dope?

It’s real singles, who are really looking for a date. They’re all hot twenty/thirty-somethings from the neighborhood, and you get to watch and heckle the entire time.

Also, the show is a fundraiser for Z Space, which is pretty much the coolest non-profit theater in San Francisco.

AND we’ve got some amazing local artists on the bill – PianoFight, Mission CTRL, Super Nova Desert Eagle, and a kickin’ house band.

Oh, we also have the best damn drink specials on Earth.

Is this only for straight people?

Nope! There’s a round for straight men and a round for straight women, but there is also a lesbian round and a gay round.

How do the artists work into the show?

The different acts will weave in and out of each round. So, when one contestant is asked to sing a love song to the bachelor(ette), that person will be backed up by the awesome house band. Or when a contestant describes his or her most embarrassing sexual encounter, the super serious, contact improv troupe Super Nova Desert Eagle will immortalize that encounter on stage via interpretive dance.

Have you made any lasting love connections with past Z Dating Games?

Yes! Maybe! Who cares?

Anything else we should know?

Z Dating Game happens on Saturday, May 3rd at 8pm at Z Space (450 Florida Street at 17th). Tickets are $10.00 online and $15.00 at the door.