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Tonight is the night: Z Dating Game means ‘The Dating Game’ at Z Space right here in the Mission

It’s the classic game show basically, but slightly updated for the Mission in the year 2013. And with lots of cheap beer! It’s $10 at the door and $5 in advance, so by all means get some advance tickets here.

Oh and let’s give away a pair of tickets real quick while we’re at it. First person to make a funny joke about dating in the comments section below gets on the list.

Z Dating Game: The Mission version of the classic gameshow

Looks like the Z Space team is putting their new downstairs theater to  good use:

From San Francisco, the dating capital of the world, it’s Z Dating Game: a show in which finding love means never having to say “I do.”

Z Dating Game is the show that brings together three eligible singles and one lucky bachelor(ette) and gives him or her a chance to question potential dates, then choose an escort for a great night out at a local hot spot. There’s only one hitch, they never have the least idea who they’re talking to.

Featuring a slew of local and sexy singles, plenty of beer, and hosted by Rob Ready of local comedy group PianoFight, Z Dating Game brings a blast from courting past firmly into the dating future.

Happening in Z Below, Z Dating Game promises a night of flirting, fun, and foxy singles with too much beer not to get a phone number.

Advance tickets here.

If you’ve ever wanted to watch two people fuck on a BART train [NSFW]

Watch this video.

(Thanks, Quonky & Nanosaur!)

In search of ‘Trick Dog Beardy Guy’

Trick Dog Beardy Guy – w4m – 29 (mission district)

We chatted about taxi apps and then my friend summoned me quickly, into a cab. I wanted to stay for that drink!


[via Missed Connections]

Happy π Day!

Our pal Erik decided to celebrate Pi Day with his own take on the now-famous Valentine’s Ride turned Verizon commercial for his wife Shelley, and the result is predictably awesome.  The only way this could be even better is if he traveled 3.1415626 miles to make it!

Way more romantic than a bicycle built for two


“Sure honey, I’ll give you a ride to work, and I’ll even do all the pedaling so you don’t get that cute outfit of yours all sweaty.”

If that’s not true love, I don’t even want to know what is anymore.

What sort of weird stuff is going on at 17th and Valencia right now?

Make your own custom letterpress Valentines on recycled cacao bean sacks in front of Dandelion Chocolate tomorrow

Dandelion is the new chocolate shop on Valencia. This Valentine’s Day, they’re doing something fun:

On Valentines day from 12pm to 5pm, Pam DeLuco from Shotwell Paper Mill ( will be offering free to the public the opportunity to letterpress print valentine cards on paper made from recycled Dandelion cacao sacks. Each person can add to the phrase: “I love it when….”

Dandelion will have Valentine boxes and treats inside the store.

Cute! More info here.

P.S. Valentine’s Day just happens to be Mission Mission’s anniversary too, so feel free to make us a Valentine ;)

Skater bro romance

Here’s what it’s like, as reported by unfrozenhous3wife:

“I want to take you on a date …to Delirium …right now.”
―skater bro at Thieves Tavern on New Years Eve [link]