We snoop the Whisky Vending Machine


Since this retro image of an office whisky vending machine has been rolling around the internet, only one question comes to mind, “WHY DIDN’T THIS CATCH ON?” While it turns out that this machine is in fact real, snopes.com reports that it was part of vending machine exhibit and convention from 1960.  The machine, produced by Rollason Aerocessaries of Croydon, mixed whisky, water and soda. Time switches ensured it locked automatically to conform with licensing hours.  Sadly this machine never took off, leaving us to dream of a workplace where a little whisky was not only encouraged but readily available.  For our part, all we can do is offer up your whisky buzz from 6am-2am at Pops Bar.  Bring your laptop, and it’s as close to living the dream as you can get.

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Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


“Fuck America; I’m Californian” totes

fuck america i'm californian

Wear your heart adjacent to your sleeve! Eco friendly 100% cotton and such nice lettering.

Shop different colors (and the “Nuke the Haight” design) here.

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Benedict bonanza for brunch at Foxsister (also the Foxsister Burger is the new best burger in SF)

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 10.13.45 AM

(It’s weird, back in the day we would’ve written 10 posts about Foxsister by now, but this is our first. We go there all the time and recommend it to people all the time; we just don’t write blog posts very often anymore.)

Anyway, Foxsister rules, definitely check it out if you haven’t been. And also they just started doing brunch on Saturdays and Sundays 11am-3pm and the brunch is real good. I know it’s a long way til the weekend, but pencil it in now so you don’t forget — and start saving up appetite.

The fried chicken Benedict was REAL good, and the burger (only available at brunch) knocked our socks off. Plus the atmosphere (and four frozen drink options and cheap Hites) are perfect for brunchtime.

Here’s the menu:

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 10.13.29 AM

[Photos via Foxsis on Insta]

New paint splotch remixes by local paint splotch remix artist Ariel Dovas

I saw this splotch on the ground somewhere near the Ramp the other day, I took a pic, and I sent it to the man, Ariel Dovas:


Within 20 minutes, he wrote back:



I asked what it’s called; he said “Homo-Globulous” and sent another:


“Positively ghastly,” I said. Thanks, Ariel!

See lots more classic work like this here and/or in the following related links…

Road to the World Cup Final


It’s the final week of the 2018 FIFA World Cup! Every morning Pops Bar opens at 6am and shows all the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP games live on our big screens leading up to the Finals this Sunday.  Watch along with us and indulge yourself in Pops early morning happy hour with a Bacon Bloody Mary, Mimosa, Irish Coffee or Mexican Coffee.  Pops Bar is your World Cup headquarters in San Francisco.  Come kick it with us…

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Happy 4th of July from your friends at Pops Bar!


Join us on and watch the “unsanctioned” but no less fun fireworks going off in and around the neighborhood at Pops Bar this 4th of July. Unlike at the waterfront, you might even see some fireworks past the fog in the mission district.  Enjoy the neighborhood vibes and celebrate your independence with our 13 hour happy hour from 6am-7pm! Stick around for DJ Squatch and Groovin’ High Trio Jazz Night. The fun goes down this Wednesday.

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Some interesting commentary regarding what SF bars to go to

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 12.33.06 PM

On the bathroom wall at the Page, of all places.

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4505 Meats returns to the Mission! (via this special brisket Cubano this week only)

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.00.02 AM

Available til the 1st at Media Noche on 19th Street.

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Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 12.02.52 PM

Turner’s Kitchen explains:

Made a little change, we added stuffing aka more gluten to the Turkey-Cran-Brie-Darling sandwich that was a delicious hold over from Clare’s Deli (can you fucking believe it’s been almost 3 years!) Smoked turkey, melted Brie, chunky cranberry sauce and mustard-sage stuffing (brown butter+onion+celery+chicken stock+sage+garlic+whole grain Dijon mustard) on a ciabatta roll.

Get it! [via Turner's Kitchen on Instagram]

Drink of the Week: This cool mimosa


(Thanks, Nick!)