Selling entitlement

Reader Jennifer was reading our post about the guys who got in trouble for believing they had bought the right to use a soccer field in the Mission on BART the other day, and then she stepped out into Embarcadero station to find it plastered with this ad campaign:


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Go Giants!

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Go Giants!

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Go Giants!

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An editorial regarding Colin Kaepernick’s performance last night

Pink Zebra is open!

Following in the grand tradition of Mission Chinese Food and Mission Street Food before it, Pink Zebra is now open inside Tao Yin Restaurant on 20th Street! Eater SF reports:

Traditional yakitori, oshizushi (a sushi variation made in a pressed mold, here with ocean trout), Japanese pickles, and menchi-zushi (meat croquettes) over rice are all offered in the 40-seat dining room, with shareable plates in the $14-16 range. There’s also a sushi counter that seats five, where diners can sample an omakase meal (in the $75 range) of nigiri, pickles, and other traditional small plates. The menu will change regularly, especially in these early days, so definitely arrive expecting some surprises from Koide and teammate Rio Sakai. Tao Yin will continue to offer takeout, and retain a handful of tables for its own use.

It’ll be like when MSF first moved indoors, way back in 2008.

Anyway, Pink Zebra is open Thursday-Saturday and Monday. Read on for more details.

Mission soccer field controversy

On Friday morning, a tipster sent us this video of an incident at a soccer field in the Mission:

We mulled it over all weekend (at the beach) and our main takeaway is that if the two groups buried the hatchet and played all together, like the end of the video suggests they do, it’s a beautiful story. Learning, understanding, coming together — through pickup soccer. Peace on Earth.

Our secondary takeaway from this whole episode is that we love this one righteously indignant guy in the “V” hat. He’s so flustered, it’s kind of sweet. So we decided to commemorate some of his lines with the help of Meme Generator:

I mean, just put yourself in his shoes: being so flustered that you start muttering phrases like “you’re being disastrously weird, man.”

Gotta love humanity.

Is it really 20 degrees hotter in the Outer Sunset than in the Mission right now?


Something about this seems real fishy. Also, I’ve lately been quite obsessed with SF Climates!

Way back when I was first looking for a place to live in SF, I happened upon this charming in-law apartment in the Outer Sunset. It had everything I needed, and the sweet old lady landlord seemed nice enough, although she did keep making references to these “crazy parties” she would periodically throw.

As we stood together in the bright, sunny backyard, I remarked about how beautiful a day it was, and innocently asked whether it was often like this. With a deep sigh, she said:

You seem really nice, so I just can’t lie to you. It’s probably this nice here only about 5 days a year.

Disappointed, I left and started looking for places in the Mission. But! Perhaps I was just 8 years too early?

3D City: Ring Mountain

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Just outside of Tiburon is an amazing little hike along the Ring Mountain Open Space Reserve. A fantastic view of the bay, Mt Tam, and SF. Be sure to bring your climbing shoes and a roll of redscale film if you have it. It’d play nice with the colors you’d find there this time of year.


The making of a window art masterpiece (Go Giants!)

And here’s the finished product:

Go Giants!