The Mission, as depicted on a 1927 cartoon map of SF

Pretty light on detail, but it looks like we’ve got Mission Dolores, Mission High, Seals baseball, booze, boozers, the pound, a factory, firefighters’ school, and lots of train tracks.

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The Uptown has new stainless steel tables


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Today was opening day for the new Alite Outpost!

Alite, your local badass outdoor company recently outgrew it’s showroom/store/office at Mariposa & Hampshire and moved it’s retail shop to a new space off of Mission St. at 3376 18th St. The space currently showcases all of Alite’s gear along with that of it’s sister company, Boreas, plus a small art gallery. Within a month (hopefully) they should have a small cafe up and running as well, which will be a convenient place for outdoor amateurs (like myself) to chat it up with the staff about the Bay’s numerous camping spots.

More pictures, plus an important camping related Life Tip after the jump:


What should you study?

Yeah, man, feel free to browse our History category (230 posts strong over the last 7 years) for lots of Mission and SF history (most of it probably dug up by Burrito Justice.)

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Forced out of your apartment at gunpoint, because you’re white

Here in the Mission, gentrifiers still have about 4 months left til “soldiers” “come out gunnin’” for “hipsters and the yuppies” as promised by some graffiti on a neighborhood wall.

In NYC, it’s already happening. Gawker reports:

Two Brooklyn women have had enough. This weekend, Precious Parker, 30, and Sabrina James, 23, allegedly forced their neighbors out of their Flatbush apartment building at gunpoint.

According to a police source who spoke to the New York Daily News, Parker and James knocked on their neighbors’ door around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday and “held a 34-year-old man, a 37-year-old man, and a 25-year-old woman at gunpoint demanding they move out or be killed.” The trio complied, and Parker and James squatted in their apartment until police arrived. Cops say one of the women told them she didn’t like “that white people were moving into the area.” [link]

No blood was shed, and Precious and Sabrina pretty swiftly ended up in jail, but… it’s happening.

The Mission, live here and you’ll get laid

I wish that redacter from earlier would redact some of this scene too.

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Chill view of the Golden Gate Bridge from an apartment at 28th and Anza


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Buttermilk Southern Kitchen will replace shuttered laundromat at 23rd and Bryant

Sidewalk seating, beer and wine, Southern fare, lunch and dinner and brunch? Sounds good to me. Eater SF reports:

Housed in a 1,200-square-foot space, Buttermilk will feature an open kitchen and 49 seats in-house, plus additional sidewalk seating. In keeping with the character of the neighborhood, De Ocampo stresses that entrees will be affordable, with nothing over $18, and most dishes averaging about $15. “Our business model is honest food, affordable prices,” he told us. “We’re not trying to price anyone out.” [link]

They’re located kitty corner from the beleaguered Local’s Corner restaurant, is maybe why he’s stressing that point. (Although he should be fine since he didn’t name it “Local’s Buttermilk,” right?)

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3D City: Capp St. Crap

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

It often seems easier to photograph in other neighborhoods than in your own. Things just seem more exotic, I guess. This week I wanted to show some scenes from Capp St, right out our front door. Named this week’s column in honor of the Capp St Crap blog, which posts some crazy scenes from our weird little street.


Here’s a clever way for property owners to stick it to graffiti writers

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