New trends in shitting

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And also, please enjoy our classic post “New trends in sitting

Have you seen the food and drink menu at the Alamo Drafthouse yet?

Because, you know, at this theater you get a table with your seat and you can order food and drink before the movie and throughout it! Here are a couple key snippets:

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See the whole thing here. (And, reminder: Bowie singalong is tonight!)

A modern ailment and an even more modern cure

Our pal Ariel Dovas last week documented this awful new ailment:


And then he followed up with a proposed cure:


See a few more ideas here.

Please rock out to this new Still Flyin’ song featuring DJ Purple on sax!!!

That sax! Be sure to party with DJ Purple every Thursday at Slate Bar, or also on January 23rd at Rickshaw Stop for the return of Singin’ & Pingin’!

And preorder the whole new Still Flyin’ album here.

God damn look at this sky

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I know it’s hip to be all, “Ugh, pictures of sunsets,” but I mean look at this.

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Dolores Park’s south side was supposed to reopen tomorrow but now it’s not

But, look, it’s all done, and as soon as the wet weather subsides, it’ll open back up:

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Ryan Coogler/Michael B. Jordan spotlight at the Roxie featuring ‘Fruitvale Station’ and ‘Creed’

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Here’s local comedian and film buff W. Kamau Bell:

I love Rocky movies as much as I love Black cinema—and surprise!, Rocky is now officially a part of Black Cinema. Who could’ve imagined that Coogler would follow up his debut film, Fruitvale Station—the best film about racism in 2013; sorry, not sorry, 12 Years A Slave—with a Rocky sequel? It’s kind of like if Spike Lee had followed up his debut film, She’s Gotta Have It, by directing a James Bond film, but with Denzel Washington playing James Bond.

Both films play all weekend, with Creed continuing into next week as well.

Get tickets and more info here and here.

Luxury vs. misery (and also nuts)

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Mission geyser

16th & Bryant. Good thing we're not in a drought or nothin

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Drama Talk & Drinks: Star Trek Live – Mudd’s Women “I just wanted to stare at her”

Little known Drama Talk & Drinks fact: Katie’s great uncle, James Doohan, played Scotty on the OG Star Trek. So when we got notice that there was a drag-king version of one of the original Star Trek episodes, “Mudd’s Women”, which was happening at Oasis, we knew we had to check it out. 

Amber Sommerfeld as Spock, Leigh Crow as Captain Kirk, and Honey Mahogany as Uhura

Amber Sommerfeld as Spock, Leigh Crow as Captain Kirk, and Honey Mahogany as Uhura

Brittany: That was fun! The woman who played captain Kirk, Leigh Crow, was amazing!

Katie: Yes, she totally nailed a spoof of captain Kirk, she got the campy-ness.

B: Also Spock (Amber Sommerfeld) rocked, and Honey Mahogany is beautiful. I just wanted to stare at her.

K: So true! I think they created an entertaining world. They had fun lighting, and sound effects, the set was cool and the costumes were on-point. Even though they were parodying the show, they did it in professional way that honored what they were making fun of.

B: You can tell that the people who really rocked their characters are totally Trekkies, that’s the only way they could have nailed those roles. The “Stump the Captain” Star Trek trivia game at intermission was not only fun, but showed a true level of devotion to the series. Unless those questions were planted, which I don’t think they were, there’s no way she could know all that trivia without being a fan.

K: Also the Beam Me Up Scotchy was delicious. No problem with meeting the two drink minimum with that, and I don’t even like scotch usually.

B: Overall a fun night of beautiful drag queens, talented drag kings, strong drinks, and lots of Star Trek nerds. What more could you want?

The Verdict: Go see it, it’s a good time. If you like Star Trek, and think campy drag shows are fun, you’ll really enjoy this.

The Drama Talk: Shows at Oasis hold themselves to a high standard for production values and talent, while still not taking themselves so seriously that it loses the fun. This show is a drag-king version of a particularly camping Star Trek episode, so don’t expect any deep earth shattering revelations. But if you’re a Star Trek fan looking for a fun way to spend a chilly rainy night, this is a great option. This is technically the show’s second time around – it opened in September and sold-out that run – this is the encore so tickets may go fast.

The Drinks: Oasis has a great bar, and friendly bar tenders. On the night we went you could stay after the show to drink, and get to see the late-night male-revue after, so if you go on a weekday you may also get so lucky. They had a special menu of Star Trek inspired drinks and the Beam Me Up Scotchy was the clear winner of the bunch.

Star Trek Live!: Mudd’s Women; A Drag Send Up Of The Groundbreaking Sci-Fi Series, runs through January 23rd at Oasis. Tickets on the Oasis website are $25 for general admission, $35 for premium seating, or $225 if you want the The Vulcan Champagne Table which is a front row table for four people with a bottle of Chandon. Right now there are also tickets available on Goldstar for $12.50-$35.