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Rad show at the Makeout Room this Sunday!

With Wing Dam visiting from Baltimore and featuring members of Dan Deacon’s recording outfit, as well as local bands Balms and Couches (fresh off their recent tour)!

Damn, with Last Nite returning and cool shows happening again, the Makeout Room is starting to make its case for best bar in the Mission!  Not to mention Primo holding down Tuesdays with Slow Jams for like FOREVER.

That tinsel ceiling seals it.

Starbucks to open inside new condo complex at 15th and South Van Ness?

Neighbor Carrie just wrote in:

I’m a Mission resident living at 16th and Capp. I was walking my dog last night by the new giant residential place that’s opening up on the corner of Van Ness and 15th (giant gray horrible ugly building across the street from the artist’s billboard that reads: “Sell Your Hopes”) and saw the property owner showing another businessman around the building. As my dog was pooping on the sidewalk, I heard him say, “In the commercial space, we are either going to lease to a Starbucks or a pizza joint.”

My jaw dropped.

If a Starbucks opens here, I will probably commence looking for an apartment in another neighborhood.


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Godzilla film takes some liberties with BART and Muni logos

Hollywood be all like, “here, lemme redesign that for you” (Godzilla, 2014):

After all, who would want these pieces of shit searing the eyeballs of America:

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Drink of the Week: The ‘Fernet About It’ at VSR

It’s Fernet, vermouth, agave and orange bitters I think? A nice lady at the bar recommended it and it was awesome. (Not quite as good as Fernet all by itself, but it was a nice change of pace last night.)

(And yeah, I just called Virgil’s Sea Room “VSR.”)

Now let’s rock:

Wes of Wes Burger and his brother Walker announce Uncle Brother’s Chicken!

It’s a Wes Burger-style popup, but FRIED CHICKEN! Here’s the deal:

I am excited to announce my new pop-up/collaboration with my brother Walker. Starting this Tuesday we will be serving a weekly rotating menu of different fried chicken styles from around the world. Come check us out at The Residence Tuesday nights 6-10pm

Can’t wait! Follow Uncle Brother’s on Facebook to stay in the loop.

Always be closing

This sounds awesome!

comics will cut out most of their bullshit act and leave you with the joke/jokes they keep closest to their hearts- their closers. Jam packed with their own personal favorites, old faithfuls and maybe even some new tricks, I’ll Leave You With This will teach these comics their ABCs- ALWAYS. BE. CLOSING.

Get advance tickets here.

(And, obviously we don’t want longtime local businesses to always be closing, so support Lost Weekend and Cinecave and Cynic Cave whenever possible.)

Field recordings of the Mission

Here’s more info:

Adam also plays in the punk band Sweat Lodge. The emoji is a ;P

Maybe Muni should spend that $1.2 billion on these sweet light rail cars built by a Russian tank manufacturer

Rather than, say, this boring old stuff they’re talking about getting:

[Awesome stuff via Chilliam]

[Boring stuff via SF Gate]

Slender Man is having trouble putting up new curtains

(Boy, that’s gonna be a real weird nightmare tonight.)

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