Ribity is back!

(Ribity of course being an integral part of Mission Mission’s original look, and of course also maybe being Megan Fox.)

Mayor of SoMa Brock Keeling spotted this one down on 3rd Street over the weekend:

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.57.36 PM

And that reminded me that former Mission Mission intern Kevin Montgomery found this one on Mission Street a couple weeks ago (but he texted it to me at 10am on a Saturday morning so I promptly went back to sleep and forgot about it):


Now please enjoy all these old Ribity posts…

Happiness is…


THIRTEEN HOUR HAPPY HOURS! Bacon Bloody Mary’s, Irish Coffee, Mexican Coffee, Fresh OJ Mimosa…Pops Bar gets your morning going every day at 6am and keeps happy hour going until 7pm! So Rise N Shine, then kick back and unwind, Pops is your official starting point in the Mission.

Check out this week’s full music line up at Pop’s Bar:


An explanation

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.10.42 PM

By the excellent local blog anadromy:

Dear Woman Who Parked on a Hill on Castro Street Yesterday,

I was coming back from the gym and still had my headphones in my ears when I saw you pull into the parking spot, so I didn’t hear that your car’s engine was still running when you got out and closed the door. It looked like you were walking away from your car instead of simply checking to make sure your rear bumper wasn’t sticking over the crosswalk. I swear I wasn’t trying to be a condescending jerk by cheerfully reminding you to turn your wheels as I walked by and I could plainly see that you, ‘Knew how to fucking drive.’ I misread the situation and was just trying to keep you from getting an expensive parking ticket.


The Accidental Man-splainer in the Santa Cruz Hoodie

[link] [Photo by salenoy]

Last chance to celebrate Chinatown street style – closing reception for “Chinatown Pretty”



CHINATOWN PRETTY: a photo exhibit celebrating SF Chinatown street style with photos and stories by Andria Lo and Valerie Luu

Friday, April 8th
41 Ross Alley / Chinatown, San Francisco CA 94108
Beer provided by Tiger Beer

Read lots more about the show and RSVP and invite your friends here!

SFPD vs. guy with a knife

Capp Street Crap reports:

Around 10 a.m., homeless outreach workers called police after spotting the man on Shotwell Street, between 18th and 19th, waving a kitchen knife, said San Francisco Police Department spokesman Albie Esparza. Officers fired four rounds with a bean bag gun but the man did not stop, he said.

“He charged at the officers with the knife,” Esparza said.

Officers then fired at least seven shots, he said.

Read on for photos, video and more reporting.

Something new is happening at Casa Sanchez

Here’s all we know so far:


I wonder if having one of those coveted Casa Sanchez tattoos will do you any good.

(Thanks, Jess!)

Feel like some Bourbon Brown Sugar or Raspberry Campari ice cream?

Got a note this morning from Grant from Sugar Bear Ice Cream, a new popup that’s popping up this weekend in the Mission:

This Saturday night we’re bringing two cocktail inspired flavors, Bourbon Brown Sugar and Raspberry Campari, as well as our herbaceous and delightfully surprising Basil ice cream and our rich and warming Mexican Chocolate.

I’d love for you to join us at Mateo’s Taqueria on Mission St and 21st from 6 to 10pm on Saturday and give our flavors a try.

Here are some tantalizing photos of their work:




Art opening tonight at the camping store


The party is 6-9pm, so you have time to pop in real quick before the big Spurs game. Here’s what’s up:

We are excited to announce the next Scott Ellsworth Gallery show at the Alite Outpost. “A Nite at Alite” will feature new works from Fur Ball Collective – a driving force behind San Francisco’s local art scene. They have been establishing non-traditional creative spaces in their homes and apartments as a means of showcasing group shows of local artists.

Fur Ball founders Christy Osorio, Alicia Griffiths, and Melissa Sáenz Gordon will be showing new works of photography, mixed media, and print publication that explore the journey urban dwellers take when seeking natural inspiration. If you have been to one of our guerilla shows in the past, then you know you don’t want to miss this!!

RSVP and invite your friends.

(Also of note, there’s now a vegan bakery inside the camping store too.)

You live really close to Crissy Field don’t forget

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.42.27 AM

[via Paolo]

Now please enjoy this list of everything I saw while hanging out at Crissy Field for 2 days straight back in 2014.

Celebrating an awesomely historic Tenderloin institution at an awesomely historic Mission institution


The film is called Beautiful by Night and it is a tribute to Aunt Charlie’s in the Tenderloin, and it’s screening this Thursday night at the Roxie in the Mission. Here’s some detail:

Don’t miss a historic occasion at a historic cinema- this is a one time only chance to see drag performances at the oldest continuously operating movie theater in San Francisco.

The Tenderloin Museum brings James Hosking’s “Beautiful By Night” to the Roxie Theater on April 7th for a one night only special engagement. “Beautiful by Night” follows three older drag entertainers at the legendary Aunt Charlie’s over the course of one evening. The film, along with show-stopping drag performances from the three ladies, played to a sold out show at the Tenderloin Museum. Don’t miss an encore presentation of this award winning documentary film and photo series. Director James Hosking and cinematographer Vanessa Carr will be in attendance and will lead a discussion with subjects Donna Personna, Collette LeGrande and Olivia Hart, who will also dazzle us with not-to-be-missed drag performances (for the first time ever at the Roxie Theater!).

RSVP and invite your friends and get tickets!

Here’s a trailer: