Saturday afternoon rock show


For like if you’re not that into staying out late anymore (laaaaame) or like if you’re just not into going out on Saturday nights in SF anymore (understandable), here’s a pretty good lineup:

$10. 3pm DJs, 5pm bands.

Who doesn’t love a daytime dance party??? We are flying the Hex Dispensers from Austin in for 2 special shows. Oakland Friday and a right royal knees up on the Saturday. YOFC Djs spinning the hits and 3 killer bands. All done by 9pm. (Austin) (New Orleans)

c u there! rsvp and invite yr frens

What’s in the pocket of those jeans you haven’t worn since 2008?

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Better Know a Bartender


Meet Marilyn, aka OG, the newest member of Pops Bar team! Formerly of Dave’s, Marilyn loves a simple and sweet, classic Maker’s Mark Manhattan. Stop by and welcome Marilyn to the Pops family Monday and Tuesday mornings with happy hour starting at 6AM.

Check out this week’s entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Royal Cuckoo Market might get a beer and wine license!

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Drink a few brewskies while you shop for brewskies? Cross your fingers. Capp Street Crap reports:

Known for its array of fancy liquor, the tiny market is pursuing a beer and wine license which, if approved, would allow them to start serving in the store.

Although letters have been sent to neighbors and a California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control already hangs in the store’s front window, owner Paul Miller wrote in an email that the process could still take months – if they get the approval at all.

Read on.

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Big bird


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What’s important

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Doc’s Clock will reopen in a new space a block up Mission Street!!!

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HEAVEN SMILES UPON US!!!!!!!!!! Mission Local reports:

“We are moving Doc’s Clock and are going to do our best to keep it the same. We will have the same staff, the same shuffleboard, the same bar stools and the same bar,” wrote owner Carey Suckow in an email.

Little else will change, with the exception of larger bathrooms, Suckow said. She hopes to move the bar by the end of their current lease, pending Planning Department approval, and the landlord is willing to host the bar’s iconic sign as well, though it’s not yet exactly clear if and how that will be arranged.

Yussssss! (And it’s closer to my house now!) Read on!

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Craigslist rental listing for Dolores Street “Airbnb cash cow” flagged for removal

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Mission Local reported on the listing earlier this week:

A nine-bedroom home on Dolores Street near 16th Street is for rent for $18,000 a month, possibly as an “Airbnb Cash Cow” or a tech incubator.

The broker, Bill Harkins, said any master tenant who chooses to pursue the rental as an Airbnb short term rental rather than a family home or a home for several roommates would have to follow all city ordinances, which includes getting a business license and registering as a short term rental hotel with the city. He added that he got the idea that someone might like to use the building as such from a former tenant, who told him she made $70,000 a year providing short term rental rooms.

Despite Harkins’ insistence that everything would be by-the-book, the listing is now gone. Read on for more.

Love in the bathroom at Latin American Club

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Inside the WesBurger fried chicken burrito

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