The Union Street uniform

I wonder how these gals would get along with Flannelbeard and Sundressbangs.

[via Phil Hamilton]

Newly released King Tuff song features former local boy Ty Segall on drums

I mean, he’s no Kenny Tudrick, but that’s a damn good jam.

King Tuff plays GAMH on October 29th!

Sad blues, punk rock and a jam band; all in a night’s work at El Rio

Last night I passed on my usual kareoke on Wednesdays at El Rio to check out what turned out to be three bands who really had nothing to do with one another. So glad I did though because I saw Vollmer – a blues/country/rock band that looks like the photo above. Real weird group of guys, pretty cool tunes.

Other bands included agro-female-fronted punk group Spider Heart, and classic-jam-band Sad Tires (brought me back to my Vermont days).


Eww, make sure your dog doesn’t drink out of this bowl of pigeon filth today

Dang, I think that’s the same one that was choking on a piece of popcorn last week.

This is outside Dynamo fyi

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How long ago did Ribity tag my neighbor’s trash bin?


Just noticed this the other day, and while I can’t recall ever seeing it before, I’m also not constantly examining my neighbor’s garbage. Usually.

So how long has it been there? Does this mean that Ribity’s back???


Here’s what it looks like to be directly under the Golden Gate Bridge on the San Francisco side

This area used to be open to the public. It’s called Fort Point. This very spot used to be crawling with tourists. Back before some certain month in 2001.

Now you have to hop a fence and get a thrown out and ticketed. (Like our own Joshua Cobos did in order to secure this gem.) (Not that we condone anything illegal.)

Does the bartender who seems to like you really actually like you?

Local veteran barfly David Enos thinks not:

Group of cool guys on the train tonight, each with khakis, thick frame glasses, desert boots, hoodies.  ”Cantina’s where its at because the bartender knows us, he knows us, we’re down.  We go in, our table’s the focal point, we can get loud and not be kicked out.  I, personally, have gotten into some awesome conversations with random people in there.  We start a fight, the bartender’s on our side, he’s fightin’ with us, know what I mean?” I guarantee that the bartender of this establishment hates these cretins to the core.

Ouch. Read on for some thoughts on whether or not these guys are good tippers.

[Photo by Honey Jets]

Fun with stereotypes

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3D City: Rice Paper Scissors

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

It’s possible I eat at Rice Paper Scissors a little too often. At least that’s the thought that occurred to me when I realized I had so many unpublished wigglegrams from their new location (in Brick and Mortar Music Hall). I’m a sucker for their Goi Ga chicken salad sandwich… and their grilled steak banh mi.


The view from San Francisco’s highest point

The longer you live in San Francisco, the more you fall in love with Sutro Tower. It’s visible from almost everywhere in the City, and when the fog comes in it’s like nature’s lava lamp. Here’s a rad picture for everyone that’s ever wondered what the view from the top looks like:

[Photo by Pete Kiehart]

While we’re on the subject, how is it possible that there no webcams of Sutro yet?