‘Massive Urban Change,’ a visual, sculptural, conversational project about the Mission


Eliza tells us it’s “kind of like a temporary, physical incarnation of Mission Mission.” Can’t wait to see what that means. Will Tuffy be there, heckling me right to my face? I hope so.

RSVP and invite your friends!

Setting fire to a robot butler box (aka marketing trash)

Yesterday these robot butler boxes showed up all over town. And I guess they turned out to be an elaborate marketing scheme (wherein a marketing company leaves trash on a sidewalk).

Last night, somebody went pyro on them:

[Photos by open mouth, via thong2000]

The burger at the Tradesman has peanut butter AND cheese on it, and it rules

Sounds weird I know, but it ruled.

The Tradesman, if you don’t know, is a new spot on Alabama Street just off the 20th Street Corridor. They’re open for lunch and dinner and have sidewalk seating and beer and wine and a BURGER WITH PEANUT BUTTER AND CHEESE ON IT THAT RULES.

Here’s a pretty cool photo of the burger beef aging:

‘The Kinda Late Show with Broke-Ass Stuart,’ coming soon

It’s gonna be like a late-night talk show from TV, except more San Francisco-oriented, and you get to be right there in the room with all the action. And the first musical guest is Boots Riley!

Here’s that info once again:

Throwback Thursday: Valencia Street, 2004

Looks kinda the same, except the street itself definitely needs some resurfacing. (When did that finally happen, 2009?)

Time sure flies.

UPDATE: They resurfaced that shit in 2010. Thanks, Andrew!

[via Kat]

Did political activists/white people/the Internet/Christianity also ruin the Dia de los Muertos-themed hole at Urban Putt?

See for yourself:

Like Dia de los Muertos, this hole is an awesome thing. And it was temporarily out of order.

Somebody received a robot butler today and discarded the packaging out on the sidewalk

Maybe it’s a public service: someone can live in it.

[via Motley Goods on Instagram]

Just walkin’ my iguana

[via ymfy]

Here’s a photo of Jared Leto hanging out in the Mission today

[Photo by Bryn Newman, via Eater SF]

The Blind Shake are playing tonight

Here’s what it’ll be like:

The show is at Hemlock around 9ish. RSVP and invite your friends!

And perhaps play around with this online mosh pit simulator to get in the mood.