Two DJ nights I’d attend tonight based on the poster art alone

First, for happy hour, there’s Eighty-Five Song Happy Hour:

And later on, Lil’ Raps Night:

What the heck?

Mission Chinese Food and UC Berkeley partner to celebrate Wild Food Week

Wild Food Week kicks off this Saturday with a foraging walk in the Berkeley Hills, and continues with special dinners at a number of celebrated area restaurants (including a Mission Chinese Food/The Perennial event on April 8th).

Here’s a note from Anthony and Karen of the Mission Chinese Food family:

This is not purely Mission-related news, but we wanted to let you know about a “Wild Food Week” we’re organizing with three Berkeley professors (Philip Stark, Kristen Rasmussen and Tom Carlson), who run a group called Berkeley Open Source Food. The idea is to reclaim edible plants currently going to waste (often literally right in our own back yards). By some estimates, up to 40% of edible plants on farms are classified as weeds and are watered, fertilized, harvested, and then not eaten. With a little more exposure and education, these wild edibles could be integrated into the food system, with all sorts of benefits, including free nutritious produce in food deserts. Berkeley Open Source Food is showcasing wild foods with a series of events from a guided foragers’ walk to dinners at César, Chez Panisse, Mission Chinese Food, and Mission: Heirloom (details below). We are working with  Capay Valley FarmsF.E.E.D. SonomaGood EggsGreen String FarmThe Living Wild Project, and Say Hay Farms. and will debut a foraging field guide called The Bay Area’s Baker’s Dozen Wild Greens.

Complete list of Wild Food Week events, with ticketing info, after the jump:


What happened to this beloved mural?

Neighbor @friscolex wants to know.


Remembering Hapa Ramen, longtime neighborhood institution

Here’s the official Mission Mission opening-night review, by Helen Tseng, from way back in November of 2014:

After doing the farmer’s market pop-up thing for years, Richie Nakano is finally opening his long-awaited ramen shop tomorrow. The Hapa Ramen restaurant is located at 2293 Mission Street, in the former 99¢ Depot. As a long-time noodle advocate, I headed over to report from the front lines, armed with a fellow noodle-loving lady.

The opening menu features snacky small plates (ribs, a raw fish tartare, a Korean seafood pancake), steamed buns a la David Chang, and with three types of ramen. The restaurant’s namesake bowl, pictured above, is generously topped with pork slabs, nugs of fried chicken, a poached egg, and seasonal vegetables.

There’s also a full bar and cocktail menu, which includes a gin drink involving Hi-Chew tincture and Hawaiian Punch syrup (above, right) that tastes exactly like a Pixy Stix. The bourbon drink on the left contained banana, black sea salt, and cacao.

Above, two of my favorite things I ate: a savory pile of roasted baby carrots and radishes, and an adorable fried chicken-and-pickle steamed bun that, in the most flattering way possible, reminded me of the classic sandwich from my childhood favorite now-shunned fast food establishment.

Oh, and those in-progress booths we reported on awhile back cleaned up real nice:

[Booth photo by Erin Conger]

P.S. Visit Girls Love Noodles!

Funny to think about how much has changed in the Mission since the heyday of Hapa Ramen, right? Sometimes I miss the old days.

Inside Scoop has the inside scoop on the fall of Hapa here and here and here.

Police caught on camera

When a cop does something unexpected or outrageous bystanders are sometimes compelled to capture pictures or video.

What you’re seeing here is a cop issuing a $110 ticket to a driver for double parking in the bike lane. And this isn’t just any cop. This is the Captain of Mission Station.

“I tagged two people today who I’ve warned before,” Captain Perea said.

Cyclists and pedestrians alike seemed confused by the rare sighting. But none more than this Uber driver (pictured above and below) who seemed to be just hanging out between fares. Note the big empty spot he could have pulled into to allow rush hour cyclists access to the bike lane.

“What we’re doing in this district is what all stations are doing across the city. We call it Focus on the Five. Every district will identify the causes of the most collisions.”

Focus on the Five is one of the tools the SFPD is using to support Vision Zero – the city’s goal to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024. It includes both enforcement and education.

“[Focus on the Five] Is not about tickets, but enforcement is one way we can track data to see how we’re doing.“ Captain Perea continued, “We’re just trying to keep people safe. And this is what we got. So we work with what we’ve got.” driver finds an awesome place to park and wait for his order earlier this month.

Before Capt. Perea headed out to write one more ticket, he said, “We have to make sure that the streets are safe for public travel. It’s public safety at its most basic.”


Sunrise in the Mission

[via Lord Corntard]

Tightness and tech dudes

Oakland gadfly Ryan Christopher Parks has the scoop:

Sub-Mission, one of the last remaining truly independent performance venues in probably the whole world, is in danger

Thanks to rent woes and new demands from their landlord, they’ve been forced to launch a GoFundMe campaign.

Capp Street Crap reports:

Txutxo Perez, one of the owners of the gallery and performance space between 17th and 18th Streets, said the landlord has agreed to a new 5-year lease with the condition that they first make the necessary upgrades themselves. Perez said he hoped to have started construction this month but now he doesn’t know when it will happen.

As of April 15, Sub-Mission’s rent will also go up by $3,000. The goal of the fundraising campaign is to raise enough money to help Sub-Mission get through at least until the end of April. But Perez said the situation will be dire if the project is at a standstill when May rolls around.

Read on for more story and photos.

Music for the Mission: This week at Pop’s

Hop on Pops! Check out this week’s music line up at Pop’s Bar:


3/30/15 MONDAY


Motown on Mondays

It’s only Monday if you treat it like one.


9PM START, 1:30AM end


Check out my


Mondays at Pops






3/31/15 TUESDAY


“Quality Latin BASS”

Every Tuesday at POPS BAR

Music: FREE (Local BayArea DJ`s)

Salsa Lesson: FREE (Instructor La Muerte)

Time: 9pm – 2am

Tropicana is BACK in town! Every TUESDAY night for the WINTER season. Bringing “Quality Latin BASS”, by playing some of the latest – up to date latino music genres.. of course respecting the classics…

With Tropicana Nights, our purpose is to create space for cultural diversity and environmental awareness. Community and music can do a lot of great positive impact in society.

Music by local BayArea DJ`s, such as Stepwise, El Kool Kyle, Mr. Lucky, Mr. E, J Boogie and more…

Salsa I LatinHouse I Latin HipHop I Moombahton I DubCumbia I Merengue I Bachata I Dancehall I LatinReggae I and more…



Happy Hour Entertainment 6-9PM

85 Song Happy Hour

Nick Pal spins short songs because life is short. Hard Rock, Power Pop, Punk & Pop Vinyl!

Whatever Wednesdays


Whatever Wednesday is YOUR PARTY, literally. You got DJ skills? Have you been itching to show ALL your friends? Its your turn to take over the night and mix it up. Send us your request, your best mix and we’ll see what we can do to get you your turn.


No Cover

21 UP



6-9PM Happy Hour Entertainment

Alabaster’s Record Collection.


Electic, Rock & Roll, Punk, Indie, 80s & Whatever.

BFF.FM Night

Rotating DJs from radio! This week: Pro Fans – Katie & Marisa spin goddamn every danceable jam!


No Cover!


4/3/15 FRIDAY

Happy Hour Entertainment 6-9PM

Uncle Rifkin is a 4 piece, mostly acoustic, homegrown San Francisco band. Their style ranges from stripped down country to blues, rock & folk, all with a funky edge and storytelling vibe.

Too Many Records

with DJs Jamie Jams & Chris Orr the Vinyl Whore


No Cover



Happy Hour Entertainment 6-9PM with Tyler

DJ Sweet Lou
Top 40, 80s, Funk & Soul

Rocking the dance floor with an eclectic mix of dance hits from way back to today!

9pm-1:30am / No Cover


4/5/15 SUNDAY

Spill the Wine



No Cover



2800 24th Street @ York

San Francisco, CA 94110

3D City: Bit Shifter

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

8bitSF is a monthly lo-fi electro show at the DNA Lounge. The shows are usually chiptune centric, featuring music made with old gaming consoles, but previous shows have included acts like DJ Q-Bert, Kitty Pryde, and Anamanaguchi.

I was stoked to get a chance to photograph Joshua Davis, aka Bit Shifter, during one of his recent 8bitSF shows away from his home in NYC. His music is anthemic, upbeat, and amazingly big sounding considering it’s all being performed on an old Game Boy. These 3D shots of Joshua and his Game Boys were taken on my Nimslo during last month’s 8bitSF show.