Epic kinda-Hawaiian sandwich at Turner’s Kitchen

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Golden Boy Pizza finger, the pin

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PSA Press, forever turning iconic SF signage into wearable art, has another one for ya:

Golden Boy is one of San Francisco’s most iconic pizzerias. Since 1978 they have been essential to North Beach. We have recreated their famous neon hand sign for this special release.

Get it online here or at Golden Boy (home of the best square slices in town).

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Good-lookin’ toast at Cafe St. Jorge

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Now please enjoy Helen Tseng’s reasons to love Cafe St. Jorge from 2015

La Placita (the section of Bartlett that’s been under construction for a couple years) and Mission Community Market grand opening party coming April 30th!


You know, the block between 21st and 22nd, behind the New Mission Theater, where the Mission Community Market used to take place a few years back? They’ve been turning it into this new concept, La Placita, and it’s finally ready! Here’s the plan:

>>>APRIL 30, 11-3pm
>>>BARTLETT ST, between 21st & 22nd
>>>LIVE MUSIC by La Gente, Tumbledown House, and Another Man Out the Window

Join us on April 30 from 11-3pm to celebrate La Placita and Mission Community Market with live music and performances, food, tons of activities, and YOUR Mission story.

How do YOU want to use your new outdoor community space? What do you bring to La Placita? What will you create? Enjoy the space by getting creative or kicking back for the afternoon—there’s plenty of space for that too. Make art. Make a movie. Make friends. Make it healthy. Make it grow. It’s your Mission: Let’s make this place come alive.

Yay! RSVP and invite your friends!

Passover Seder festivities on 24th Street next week

Here in the Mission there’s Wise Sons of course. Here’s their special menu:

Charoset (sweet, dark-colored paste made of fruits and nuts eaten)
Chopped Liver, & Matzo
House Made Gefilte Fish with Chrain Bitter Green Salad
Matzo Ball Soup
Red Wine Braised Brisket with Potato Kugel
Tzimmis Chocolate
Matzo & Coconut Macaroons
Coffee & Tea
(Vegetarian options Available with Prior Notification)

Dinners are April 10, 11 and 12; tickets are $95, available here.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 3.13.16 PM

And then you can also venture up the hill into Noe Valley for the feast at Firefly. Here’s what to expect:

Firefly will be serving our full passover menu from April 10th to the 19th which will include braised brisket, homemade gefilte fish, chopped chicken livers, matzo ball soup and other delicacies inspired by the holiday and the bounties of California.

Firefly’s a little further from home I know, but always worth the trip. Regular ol’ reservations taken here.

Happy holidays!

Make Me A Mixtape 2-year emoversary party


Here’s the plan:

Come celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of Make me a mixtape! We are bringing our whole vinyl collection. Let’s get weird.

We have a very special guest DJ for the ocassion: Jason Beebout from Samiam !

FREE as fuck. 21+

RSVP and invite your friends!

From the Screen to Your Stereo


This Saturday at Pops Bar is SADDERDAY, an emo, post punk and post hard core dance party! We will be celebrating New Found Glory’s 3-night stint at Slim’s.  New Found Glory are not only a cornerstone in the pop-punk scene but there are few bands out there that love both goofy and sincere covers more than them. With “From the Screen to Your Stereo” parts I & II as well as a smattering of other covers, we’ll be sharing some of our other favorite pop-punk, emo, and post-hardcore covers as well as the usual hits of yesterday and today. Join us!

Check out this week’s full entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Remembering Thrift Town (RIP)

This lil list will hardly do the place justice, but we’ve had some good times over the years. My favorite one is still the Lou Reed one, but they’re all (mostly) good:

RIP, ol pal(s).

“Thrift town is closing and it’s final day is Friday march 31st.”

Just got a message from reader Justin L. (not pictured):

Thrift town is closing and it’s final day is Friday march 31st.


UPDATE: Actually, it’s already closed I think. Here’s some more info…


[Photo by Andrew G.]

Drama Talk & Drinks: Hamilton – “Screaming with joy”

Being a DT&D columnist has its perks. A recent one was scoring tickets to opening night of the national tour of Hamilton, now playing at SHN’s Orpheum Theater. Katie was out of town, so Brittany took her boyfriend and frequent guest columnist, Sam, out for a night of drama talk and drinks.

Ruben J. Carbajal as Laurens, Michael Luwoye as Hamilton, Jordan Donica as Lafayette, Mathenee Treco as Hercules Mulligan & the Hamilton Company – photo by Joan Marcus


Brittany: Hamilton is this ground-breaking, barrier-shattering show that transcended the musical-theatre world and ended up as part of pop-culture. It feels strange reviewing it, since everyone knows it’s amazing. I will tell you what was surprising for me though; the show felt like a rock concert. Those tweens behind us were literally screaming with joy when the lights went down.

Sam: You don’t get that often, two thousand people thick with adulation. They definitely come in knowing the history and the songs too. I knew about the Hamilton-Burr duel from the Got Milk commercials twenty years ago. It’s a story that has captured popular imagination in one way or another for a while. I do think knowing the music makes it a much more lived experience, where you can stop trying to understand the fast paced lyrics and can instead get caught up in the show. People knew when to cheer, when to “oooh”, it was participatory. Even though I don’t know the music well, I found it helpful to at least have a passing familiarity with the music and the story. I wish I knew it better.

B: I was very happy that I knew the music as well as I did. This show is lyrically deft. They’re constantly spitting lines and there’s a hundred things happening at once on stage. Even knowing the soundtrack well, there were moments I was like “oh my god, it’s all happening so fast, how do I follow everything?”  It felt very fleeting, which in a way was fitting. Life goes really fast and he’s always running out of time.

S: It was really fast. It’s like reading a book and then seeing a movie, although in this case it was hearing the soundtrack and then seeing the play. You have these songs in your head and your concept of what they’ll look like on stage, then the show paints a different picture.  I spent part of the play just reassigning all of these preconceived ideas I had to the actual staging. It was a much more minimalist production than I thought it might be. They made use of very few props, aside from a desk and some paper or a few chairs. But there was also this amazing lighting that bathed the stage and helped direct your attention.

B: One of the most wonderful things about this show is just listening to the soundtrack is a rich experience. I think that’s why the minimal set and props worked so well. The lyrics are so multi-layered, you don’t need anything else. On one level he’s just telling a story, but he’s also talking about American history and referencing hip-hop artists, and referencing musical theatre and theatre history.

S: Loved that Gilbert and Sullivan.

B: And the Shakespeare too, right? And you can’t see those revolving stages and not think Les Miz.

S: This is totally the Les Miz for this generation. My favorite part was definitely the rap battles in Washington’s cabinet between Jefferson and Hamilton. They were at the intersection of all the exciting things going on, policy and personality, smack talk and realpolitik.

B: So you’re like Jefferson? “Let’s get back to politics.”

S: I don’t want to be on record agreeing with Jefferson.

B: That actor (Jordan Donica) was amazing. When you go into the show you hypothetically know that the guy who plays Lafayette also plays Jefferson…

S: Wait, what?

B: …but seeing it is just remarkable. They were two totally different characters. Wait you didn’t realize it was the same actor?

S: No…

B: Well he was that good I guess. Generally the whole cast was amazing. Another thing I didn’t expect was how much this show isn’t just about Alexander Hamilton. It’s also a story about Aaron Burr and in a certain way Eliza, which you don’t really get from the soundtrack. It’s written by storytellers, so of course it makes sense that the storytellers are the ones who are most important in the end. So, would you want to see it again?

S: Oh yeah, absolutely! Not tonight though, I’m exhausted from just watching it.

The Verdict: This show is a phenomenon. Yes, tickets are expensive (unless you’re lucky and get them via rush) but it’s totally worth it to be part of this unique theatrical experience.

The Drama Talk: So much has been written about Hamilton already, how about we just share some tips? This show is fast. If you don’t know the music, it’s probably worth giving the soundtrack a listen before you go, so you’re not having your mind blown with the lyrics while trying to keep up with the action. Even if you know the lyrics well, there’s so much happening on stage it’s hard to take it all in at once. Just breathe and enjoy, you’re finally seeing Hamilton. It’s rare to go to a show where there’s nearly a standing ovation at the beginning and end of each and every song, but this show manages that feat. Embrace the experience and enthusiasm of your fellow audience members as part of the fun. Not only is this show groundbreaking, the experience of seeing it feels groundbreaking. Maybe it’s the moment, or perhaps it’s movement, but either way it’s a great night at the theater.

The Drinks: A new bar/restaurant called Fermentation Lab recently opened up down the street from the Orpheum on Market, so we went there for drinks. The kitchen is closed by the time the show gets out  (if you go before, get dinner – such good food), but they feature a rotating selection of CA craft beers which is a pretty awesome SF way to raise a glass to a fun night of drama talk and drinks.

Hamilton runs until the beginning of August, and SHN recently released a new block of tickets, so there are still seats you can purchase through the SHN website. Tickets prices range from $100 to $868, with a 6 ticket limit per person. If you’re feeling lucky try the nightly digital lottery where $10 tickets are available to each performance.