A Look Back at World Cup Fever 2010 in San Francisco

Photographer Charlie Russo got in touch to share his collection of photos of San Franciscans watching the World Cup last month at various locales around town. The guy up top is at the Napper Tandy; the guy below him is at Bissap Baobab. And then there are a ton of pictures of people at Civic Center, like this one, from when the USA scored that one epic goal late in that one game:

See the whole series here.

Thanks, Charlie!


USA FTW at the Phoenix

Mission Workshop Videos

This is not an official endorsement for Mission Workshop, since I have neither worn nor showered with their bags, but the promo videos for their products are beautifully shot cycling videos filmed in you-know-where, so check ‘em out.

Grocery Run:

A Day In The Life


Ariel shows us his Hough

Judgement Day Melts Faces at the Bicycle Music Festival

Here’s a clip of Judgement Day destroying the Bicycle Music Festival today in Golden Gate Park. I’ve never had my face melted by a violin and cello before!

The cyclists in front are powering all of the equipment. You’ve just got to check out the rig. The wheels spin the rotor of a generator that feeds into a small battery with just enough juice to keep things going for a few seconds. A meter shows the power level. If it drops below green, lights out. This actually happened shortly after I stopped filming and everyone was treated to an unexpected drum solo. While I was pedaling, I found a direct correlation with the power level and the bass instruments. Kick drums and bass lines really draw a lot of power!

You can still catch the rest of the fest when it rides down to Potrero Hill (16th and Irwin) around 6pm.

Ghost Dogs

Menacing the construction workers of Valencia, ravenously bearing down on poor Walter Dukes.  The large version is truly mesmerizing, especially when enjoyed in conjunction with the RZA, below.

Toshio Hirano Tonight at Rite Spot

Just got an email from Toshio Hirano:

Hello Everyone

I am having a set at Rite Spot cafe tonite at 9:00 with the same old
Jimmie Rodgers songs and some classic country tunes.
Hope see you there.

Toshio Hirano

“Same old” never sounded so good as it sounds when Toshio does it.

Photo is a still from a PRI video profile which you can look at here.

Shredding on the Interstate

Dang. Don’t tell me the kids in LA are having more fun than us kids in SF. This series of photos published by Jumping Ghost says this just might be the case.

Let’s get on it.

[via Emma Cooper]


Los Angeles

Hawaiian Pigeon Vacation

MM reader John B. recently took a vacation to Hawaii to get away from the pigeony grit that coats our fair neighborhood, but it didn’t exactly work out the way he planned:

we kayaked up the wailua river, went on a short hike to this waterfall and the first thing we saw was this nasty ass, broke down island pigeon.  i know pigeons are a big topic on mm, thought i’d warn you of one place you may not want to go if you’re trying to take a vacation from pigeons.

This pigeon seems to be enjoying a fairly envious life, unlike this curious little fellow I found on Mission Street yesterday (after the jump, NotSafeForMoms, but scientists are encouraged)


Cuddly "Stay the Hell Out of My Driveway" Sign

At least they were nice about it!  Makes the trek down to good ol’ 450 7th Street just a little more bearable.

[Photo by Penelope Popsicle, as usual]


Poop on My Driveway and I Will Run You Over With My Stroller

Driveway of Forgiveness

Parking Retard

TTTrial PPPostponed

Official Mission Mission KKKatie trial correspondent Aaron Sunshine attended the trial of possibly crazy, probably racist KKKatie Dunbar today and brings us the following news:

ok went to the trial today and she appeared towards the end of the docket. nothing really happened- she showed up, looking tired with a weird smile on her face, and the lawyers talked for a second before deciding to do some sort of continuance (I think?) that delayed the trial date until October 1st. So as far as I understand, she will be in jail for a while longer.


KKKatie Upppdate 

Kink.com Peeping Tom

Isn’t there a better way to get a peak inside the Kink.com armory?  I realize that a certain Belle & Sebastian video may have suggested that this is the way to go, but do you really want to end up as the office piece of fluff?

Maybe you do.


The Tens Takes You Inside The Armory

Another Glimpse Inside The Armory… From Margaret Cho?!

Pre-Internet Kink.com Armory