Make-Out Room installs creepy spy cam so creeps can spy on you while you’re drinking and dancing

Other area bars are participating too, but Make-Out seems to be the only one on the list that affects me, so…

East Bay Express has the scoop:

Founded by a handful of Sonoma County entrepreneurs, the app, BarSpace, and its related web site,, employ a simple concept: Install cameras in bars and nightclubs and then streams that video live through a free iPhone app, as well as through the company’s website. The cameras are installed and paid for by BarSpace; each bar decided the hours between which they’d like to transmit a video stream.

The idea, according to the company’s CEO, Mike Deignan, is that people can use the app to see whether bars are full or empty — or even whether their favorite bartender is working that night or what the dress code is. Essentially, BarSpace makes it possible to find out what you’re getting into, in real time and straight from the source — to gauge a bar’s atmosphere against your own expectations and inclinations, without ever leaving your home (or, in some cases, paying a cover). [link]

Noble intentions, I suppose. Still. I don’t know about this. I like to really cut loose at Lost & Found (AKA Slow Jams) every Tuesday and DJ Purple’s Karaoke Dance Party every fourth Monday. But I don’t like the idea of there being possibly compromising images of me on the internet.

UPDATE: Our pal Plumpy says, “The whole list is here if you search for San Francisco.”

[via We Built This City]



Fresh & Easy spanks Whole Foods to advertise their Richmond District store on a billboard at 16th and South Van Ness.

Transamerica Pyramid not so pyramidal on Google Maps

Maybe pyramids are hecka hard to render or something?

Anyway, Ticklefight is pretty upset about all this.


Branding Issue

It doesn’t feel like Office Max is too concerned with the presentation of their new logo.

Making friends the modern way

Sexpigeon this morning published this screenshot and shared a story:

This person was in a bar I checked into last night. Saw we have three friends in common so I scoured the room for her, high and low. I introduced myself and then explained the circumstances by which I came into cognizance of her. Delighted, we chatted. I demanded to see the dress from the photo.

That part sounds possibly creepy, sure, but there’s a happy ending and a big conclusion to be drawn about modern technology and stuff. Read on.

Here’s a reason to maybe actually buy an expensive vintage typewriter from one of those expensive vintage places on Valencia Street


But the iPad bit is funny. Learn more.

(Thanks, Jono!)

Problems with Yelp’s new ‘Hipster’ ambience category?

First of all, is Medjool intimate? I don’t think it is. More importantly, I also don’t think hipsters hang there very often.

Reader Wavvy Gravvy points out some other possible flaws in Yelp’s new “Hipster” tag:

Spork, Beretta, Dalva, Zeitgeist, farm:table, Pop’s, Ikes at Lime, Boogaloos, Medjool, Elbo Room, Red Door Cafe ARE ALL HIPSTER

Four Barrel, Ritual, Dynamo Donuts, Delirium, Bender’s, Humphrey Slocombe, Tartine, Foreign Cinema, Delfina, Range, Amnesia, Revolution Cafe, The Summit ARE NOT HIPSTER


But seriously, we apologize for perpetuating all this “hipster” bullshit. Sometimes it just seems like a good idea.

MM at SXSW: New tech toys make shooting video at music festivals even more silly looking

That’s a Motorola Xoom Tablet. Looks a little bit goofy, right? A goofy tableau, right?

How about this:

Every single one of them filmed the entire set.

The Streets on Fire are the band. They were pretty good.

Rapha opening a pop-up store in SF?

That’s what it sounds like from their twitter, as well as their help wanted section on their website.  So what exactly is a Rapha pop-up shop you ask?  From the website:

“The Rapha Cycle Clubs are places for people passionate about road racing where they can watch live racing, enjoy food and drink, peruse Rapha’s emporium of products and become inspired by the rich culture of the sport which Rapha celebrates.”

This sounds pretty cool, and trust me, there are NOT a lot of places in the city to catch a decent Giro or Tour de ( Random City) in Europe race, and I for one would welcome Rapha to our fair cycling city.   I’m betting they open the shop somewhere in the Mission, because lets be honest, would any other part of San Francisco be as fit to house a bar full of drunk cyclists talking shop for hours on end?   I think not.

What do you think?

[photo via Rapha]

New ‘ambience’ category on Yelp: ‘Hipster’

Reader Tina spotted this the other day and mentioned it in a comment thread. Reader JR just happens to be the the programmer who implemented the feature, and informed us all that it’s been in use since late February.

It’s not a clickable value, so I can’t seem to get a list of all the spots in town with hipster ambiences, and JR didn’t return my email, so, readers, Yelpers, what beloved spots around town besides Gracias Madre have been designated “Hipster”?

And what with the hipster backlash becoming more and more violent, do businesses really want to be associated with the dirty word? Maybe it’s a revenue play. I bet local businesses will pay through the nose to have the “Hipster” tag removed.