Dear Mom’s 1-year anniversary party this Sunday means $1 brunch drinks and free Ritual coffee all day

Here’s the official announcement:

Hey guys. Our one year anniversary is this week and, man, what a year it’s been. We hemmed and hawed and huffed about what we should do to celebrate and decided to do something small and dear to our hearts: brunch party. So, Sunday, December 2nd all brunch drinks (mimosas, bloodies, micheladas, screwdrivers, greyhounds, irish coffees etc) will all be $1 all day. And Ritual Coffee Roasters will be serving up loads of delicious espresso drinks for free. That’s right, you can get your spro, americanos and lattes for free all day. On us. We’re so grateful to have the best customers in the whole world. Seriously. We love you.

Boom. Prepare to party. Congrats, Dear Mom fam!

Note: the above pic is a pic of an average, mellow brunch at Dear Mom. Expect much more of a shitshow on Sunday.

Warm up tonight to the sounds of dark synths and forgotten danceable delights

Tonight the Mission’s very own cold wave fogged out dance cave at Submission promises to warm you up, dry you out, cause you to lose control, and then spit you back out on to the streets. Warm Leatherette will be cranking out the minimal synth jammage with special dj guest Le Perv (one of the masterminds behind Dark Room). Zuckerbook event page here.


Giants shirt for people who don’t like sports graphic design

Black pennant, orange ball, SF Giants, nothing more. This minimalist design by Ian Johnson really speaks to me.

Is the Knockout haunted? And does living in SF for 10 years qualify you as a citizen?

Local bartender, musician, DJ, and all-around rad guy Josh Yule was recently interviewed in the SF Examiner, and he had some fairly interesting things to say:

I’m from Florida. I don’t want to piss off my Florida friends. Florida has a different way of thinking. Most people there aren’t forward-thinkers, they’re backward-thinkers. And that’s why I came out this way. I wanted to get as far away from the South as possible. I think I’m a San Franciscan now. I think after 10 years, I have my residency — I hope. I’ve been told by a friend who grew up here that after 10 years, I am a citizen of San Francisco.

I hope he’s right, because that means I’ll be an official citizen soon too!  There are plenty more poignant tidbits, like how to make a French 74 and whether or not the Knockout is haunted, so read on.

[Photo by the talented Beth LaBerge]

Drink of the Week: the Bottom of the Bay

Well, this had to happen sometime. If San Francisco’s going to have its own substitute for Jager, it’s only fair that we have our own kind of jagerbombs. Local chill bar Evelyn Lee is filling this market gap with the appropriately named Bottom of the Bay. A healthy shot of Fernet is briefly suspended above partial pint of Drake’s Imperial Stout before being plunged into the depths of the creamy, sudsy brew. The result is somewhere between amazing and not-half-bad, with the wintery spices in the Fernet mixing nicely with the chocolate in the beer. I don’t think I’ve ever had a jagerbomb, so I can’t make a direct comparison, but this definitely tastes several times better than the Irish Car variety. Plus it doesn’t curdle so no chugging is required.

Perfect for a rainy night this holiday season when everyone else has gone out of town, and you’re getting shitfaced by yourself because you’re an adult and you can do what you want.

Read on for the startling conclusion.

Drink of the week is brought to you by


Toshio Hirano tonight at Mission Community Market

Might get a little damp, but it’ll be fun as usual.

‘Live sax, no slow songs’ at Dance Karaoke Thursdays with DJ Purple tonight at Slate

RSVP and invite your friends!

Likin’ vs. hatin’

I like likin’ too.

[via Just Crazy Enough to Work]

Listen to B. Hamilton right now and then go see them at Amnesia tonight

It’s their vinyl release party! And opener Windham Flat rules too.

RSVP and invite your friends!

UFOs, sombreros, bright colors and psychedelia

Dennis Micheal Kernohan is one of our favorite dudes, and tonight his show opens at Gravel & Gold:

Please join us in celebrating this magical man and his abundant talent. Dennis, the man everyone knows and loves, the man with a permanent smile and long locks of silver glory, the man you want to see everyday and the man who knows when you need a hug. From carpentry to farming, punk rock to hanging ten, Dennis has done it all and now he brings you his art! This will be Dennis’s first show in 25 years. Heavy on the UFO’s, sombreros, bright colors and psychedelia, he has a way of making the most simple of shapes seriously mind bending. Bring a beer, bring a friend and bring some bucks ’cause you will not want to miss out on nabbing up one of his pieces.

RSVP and invite your friends!