Jello Biafra guest DJing Oldies Night this Friday

If you’ve always wondered what a soul version of “Holiday in Cambodia” might sound like, now’s your chance to find out!

Natalie Portman reportedly hanging out in the Mission all day today

A tipster tells us she was just seen buying a bunch of stuff at Self Edge, our local denim purveyor (which, incidentally, is having a special tintype photography event tonight in collaboration with Photobooth). The tipster indicates that it sounds like her plan is to spend the day in the Mission. Keep your eyes peeled!

Tamale Lady no longer allowed to sell tamales at Zeitgeist

SFist reports the tragic news that neighborhood icon Virginia Ramos, the Tamale Lady, is no longer allowed to sell her delicious tamales at Zeitgeist due to city codes and regulations and her lack of a permit. This is a serious bummer. Read on for more details from the Tamale Lady herself.

According to her Twitter, Tamale Lady is planning to have her 60th birthday celebration at the Eagle Tavern instead this year. If you have any ideas on how she can sell her tamales in the city legally, reach out to her there, or party with her at the Eagle on the 21st.

Hot new look for summer: Mushroom pants!!!

What an outfit, right? Primo is such a FUN GUY!

(And his cat art show, currently up at Four Barrel, is just as excellent.)

King Khan says there’s a Jay Reatard documentary coming out soon!

He also tells the story about the first time he ever met Jay:

I first met Jay when he was 17 years old. He booked us a gig at Barristers, the line up was The Spaceshits, Deadly Snakes and Reatards. When we showed up in Memphis it looked like a ghost town. Skid Marks (drummer of the spaceshits) has always  been a magnet for scum bags and immediately befriended a one armed man who had just come out of prison. They disappeared in search for some weed.

When Jay showed up he told me that he had just gotten engaged to be married. He also apologized about the lack of people at the show in advance, the reason was simple… “everyone hates us in this town.”  There were 4 people in the audience that night, Greg Oblivian and the dudes from Impala. But the show went on and it was great fun. Later that night everyone went to Greg’s house to hang and listen to records and Carson Binks (Legend of San Fran), Skid Marks and I decided to go for a Memphis adventure with Jay.

We drove around crazy ghettos in search of drugs. All we wanted was a little weed, none of us wanted any of the countless crack offers not even Jay. We parked at a gas station for some cigarettes and when we were getting back into the car i remember all these crack heads coming out of nowhere asking me for a smoke. They were crawling towards us like true zombies and even continued to follow the car in slow motion as we drove away. It really felt like George A. Romero was somewhere around the corner. Jay spoke of these crackheads with a sense of pride which was followed by pure hatred. He was really into showing us the nitty gritty of his city.

Read on!

[Photo via Pork Magazine]

Portrait of DJ JustStella

This babe is DJing the big American Tripps party this Saturday night at 19 Heron, and I took this pic of her a few weeks back and I’m very proud of it, just thought you should know.

UPDATE: Bonus! Interview with DJ JustStella over on SFist!

Census results expose the differences of SF vs. NYC

Our pal Teddy recently embarked on a completely scientific exploration of the typical dispositions felt by San Franciscans versus New Yorkers, and if you’ve ever lived in both places, you’ll probably share a few of these sentiments.  Check out the whole thing here.

Frida Kahlo reading a book in a window on a Sunday afternoon


Just Frida being Frida.

I suppose this explains those colorful stencils we noticed earlier.

Retro resto blast from the past and more from

Here‘s a blast from before the bust of ’01. When Slanted Door used to be on Valencia and places like Mangiafuoco on Guerrero used to offer basic Italian grub and grog (“It has chianti and what else do you need in an Italian restaurant”).

Benders was Sacrifice, serving up rum ribs and voodoo pasta in a tiki setting (“Don’t ask about how this purgatorial “tiki lounge” fits in, it just does”).

Booze was referred to as liquids and Amnesia charged a whopping $2 for live shows. Over at The Uptown a good jukebox was defined as one stocked with Dylan and Morphine, but beers were $3 and the dude next to you could probably tip you off on a well priced nitrous tank.

The current de-gentrified Club Veintiséis on Mission near 26th was the gentrified 26 Mix, a “sound bar” offering up a high quality listening experience while you sipped on your suds à la Tokyo style bars which feature a premium soundsystem and choice djs.

Bonus interview with dj Spesh aka “dj Special K” of club QOÖL fame right here, who will surely get a kick out of this decade old frosty picture we’ve unearthed.

Jason Schwartzman on the 49

Spotted by The Tens.