Jonathan Richman only buys one kind of cheese from Rainbow Grocery

And our pal Andreas was more than happy to indulge him:

After 8 years of working at the Rainbow Grocery Co-op Cheese Department it’s finally happened: I got to sell cheese to Jonathan Richman !!! It’s maddening because I see him in the aisles every couple of weeks but he’s always gone by the time I get out there to “front.” Today I finally found out why; he buys one cheese and one cheese only: Redwood Hill Raw Goat Feta.

I was restocking our sample table earlier today when I saw him flitting down the aisle towards me. He moved like a meerkat, making a beeline (meerline?) for the aforementioned feta. I played it cool, continuing to restock and avoid direct eye contact while I used my typical icebreaker: “Finding all your cheese alright today?” Breathlessly, he replied “Oh yeah, I love this stuff! Buy it every week.” “It’s good!” I said, smiling at him for a quick moment.

It would have been and remained a totally mundane encounter if not for the very last second, when he walked away from me and said, under his breath, “One love.”

Of course, this caused everyone to reminisce about their own encounters with Mr. Richman, and by the sound of them, he sounds like quite the guy!

Andrea:  I waited on him at the Egg & I– he was everything I could have imagined and more! I sat & had a smoke with him & he gave me a bunch of comps to first ave. what a guy!!!!!

Jenny:  when I worked in Philly, I did “hospitality” for him. He had $300 for a budget, what did he want? a six pack of non-alcoholic beer and a bottle of water. then he played for me for an hour at sound check. one of my best memories.

Kelly:  I got called down from the break room to help him once. He had watched a show on tv the night before about when “baby cows get to stay with the mommy cows” and he wondered if Parmigiano came from that.

Jonathan Richman, everybody!

[Photo via Night Fog Reader]

Björk ate at La Movida on 24th Street the other day

Every time I got to Pal’s Take Away (which operates out of La Movida during the day when La Movida is dormant) I wonder and often say out loud, “Who hangs out at La Movida at night, anyway?”

The answer is: Björk. Björk hangs out at La Movida at night. She had a mostly vegetarian dinner, with a party of eight.

No word on whether or not the dancing cat was one of them.

[via Eater SF]

Q&A with Candy Winters of Candy’s Crush

We’ve been rabid fans of Candy for a loooong time, ever since we saw her absolutely nail “Super Bass” at a DJ Purple karaoke party at Jack’s, waaaay back in the day. (Candy does it better than Nicki Minaj herself, no lie.)

Anyway, her band, Candy’s Crush, is making their live debut right here in the Mission this Friday night (which is both Valentine’s Day *and* Mission Mission’s 7th anniversary) at Verdi Club, opening for the world’s greatest LCD Soundsystem cover band, North American Scum.

We asked Candy if she might be able to give us an idea of what to expect, and she was like totes:

What’s your #1 musical influence?

Prince. Musically and lyrically, he is everything I want to be.

What’s your favorite part about being onstage in front of an audience?

There’s nothing better than being onstage. Personally, I live life pretty much entirely to entertain myself, and if, by doing so, I can entertain other people as well, I feel very satisfied.

How’d you put together your band?

Keith (our bass player) and I started this band after having a conversation about our mutual love for Chaka Khan. We wanted to do something funky that would get people to dance. At the time we were also in weird places with our love lives, so naturally starting a band sounded like a good way to get all the girls/boys. (I’ll put that to the test at our first show!) After that, we eventually recruited Koop (drums) and Rich (guitar) so we could have the sexiest band ever.

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

My 5th grade boyfriend bought me chocolates, a fake rose, took me roller skating and made me a mix tape for Valentine’s day (which included Blackstreet, No Doubt and Queen). It finally occurred to me in recent years that Valentine’s Day would never, ever again be so good. Instead of ranting about it, I prefer to use this holiday as an excuse to be with good people, get down on the dance floor and (hopefully) get some action. What more could anyone ask for?

Amen! Get advance tickets (since they’re cheaper than tickets at the door) and RSVP and invite yr friends!

A Fayes Video employee remembers an interaction with Philip Seymour Hoffman

From the Fayes blog:

I was an extra on the set of The Master.  If you’ve see the show Extras or done extra work or known someone who has, then you already know that extra work is not glamorous, it is depressing and is never a career move for aspiring actors or filmmakers, and it’s rarely fun.  I was almost gone, moving away for what I thought would be forever, and had no interest in the gig.  Also, I had no transportation and the shoot was up north.  When you get a call for one of these gigs you have to ask what the film is about and who is making it.  Out of curiosity I asked.  When I was told that it was P.T. Anderson’s new film, staring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Laura Dern, Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and that I had been selected for my “classic look,” the compliment went to my head and I became full of fantastic ideas about my all but sure discovery by my favorite American director as his protégé.

Read on.

Go to a sweet show at El Rio this Sunday; help fund cancer treatment for a really good guy

Kyle Lesley is a San Francisco audio engineer, social activist, and all-around excellent human being. He is also a person who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma. Given that he has helped out countless folks in the city’s independent music scene with his know-how, it only makes sense that a bunch of musicians got together and decided to throw him a party this Sunday at El Rio to help pay for his treatment and some other necessities.

From 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. this Sunday, Nov 10, a donation of $5 to $20 gets you five bands and a DJ, plus, you know, everything else good that’s usually at El Rio (alcohol, a patio). If you’re lucky, Kelly McFarling will do some Whitney.

(Original painting — that will likely be part of a raffle — by Eunice San Miguel.) (The photo below is just Kyle being Kyle-like.)


Lou Reed on Mission Mission over the years

First there was the time Lou Reed starred in a Supreme ad which was plastered on the Valencia Street Art Wall:

It promptly got defaced:

Then there was the time local gaming historian David Enos hipped us to the 8-bit classic “Lou Reed’s Street Hassle“:

Possibly my favorite was when we spied Lou Reed in the lining of a purple raincoat at Thrift Town:

Oh man, and then there was Doc Pop’s siiiiick animated GIF of a bunch of Lou Reed stencils:

Seeing him dining at St. Francis Fountain was pretty cool:

And finally, last Halloween, a nice little Frankenstein joke on the Faye’s chalkboard:

(Me and my family performing “Sweet Jane” at Thanksgiving 10 years ago was not on Mission Mission.)

Lou Reed rules!

Michelle Tea at Adobe Books tonight!

If anyone can provide some perspective on all the changes that have been occurring in the Mission as of late, it’s Michelle Tea, a local author who’s been around to witness the progression since at least the ’90s.  Her refreshingly honest writing on everything from drugs to gentrification strikes a personal nerve in anyone who’s lived in this neighborhood for a while (as does her tales of adventures at the Albion before it became Delerium) .

Anyway, tonight’s your chance to meet her!

Published in 2000, Valencia brought fame and critical acclaim to local writer Michelle Tea. This autobiographical slice of life of the late 90s Mission explores topics like queer culture, kinky sex, and obsession. Recently, chapters of Valencia have been made into a series of short films known as The Valencia: Movie/s

Join Adobe Books and Michelle Tea for this love letter to Mission subcultures! The reception will begin at 6:30pm; screening at 8pm. Michelle Tea will be in attendance and introduce the film.

Snacks provided Rainbow Grocery, beer donated by Speakeasy.

Tickets available at the door, and more details here.

Here’s a photo of Mission Chinese Food chef Danny Bowien hangin’ with Hollywood superstar Kyle MacLachlan

[via MCF on Instagram]

Valencia Street Bike Freeze

And here’s a version aligned by bike. (Might be a bit jumpy for some — I suggested starting at the front wheel.)




Jason Priestley just doesn’t hold the same cachet when he’s strolling around the Mission as Thee Oh Sees

Says our pal Amanda:

90210 NO YOU DIDN’T!

Adds Amanda:

I can’t figure out what Priestly was doing, but he was having his photo taken with a fan outside the Elbo Room and then was later setting up in front of Mission Cheese

UPDATE:  And here’s Jason Priestley cheesing it up with his crew:

(Thanks Jason C. for the pic!)