Mission Mission happily welcomes three new contributors!

Longtime local blogger Andrew Dalton has been getting his feet wet with us the last couple weeks, mostly on the crime beat, and it’s been a welcome parade of hard news:

Impeccable work so far, Andrew!

And then this week (possibly today) you’ll meet Chris Bunting and Luke Spray from Roll Over Easy, the best morning radio show in town. They share a passion for San Francisco that is refreshing and infectious, and they’re so good at talking all about it (whether at the bar or on the radio or anywhere else). So we asked them to hop aboard, and I can’t wait to see what happens!

By way of further introduction, here are each of our 21 most recently used emoji, as of about 9:45 last night:

Be sure to look for their work here on the blog, and definitely tune into the show, every Thursday morning from 7:30-9:30 on Mission-based BFF!

(I only have a horse in there because I was telling someone about a horse-and-arugula pizza I had in Berlin one time.)

Marc Maron is a Cancun guy


Slender Man is having trouble putting up new curtains

(Boy, that’s gonna be a real weird nightmare tonight.)

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Check out this sweet Village People trading card I got at St. Francis Fountain

Pretty cool, right?

Wait’ll you read the back…


[Top photo by Trusha A.]

Zachery Ty Bryan partied at Urban Putt last week

An anonymous tipster says the Home Improvement star was definitely there, definitely having a good time. Here’s proof, sort of

No word on whether or not JTT was also on the scene.

I am the Greatest (Uber driver)

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Keep in Touch, Ol’ Scott

The first bar I ever went to (besides with my dad as a kid) was the Uptown. It was a great experience, just what I always thought a bar would be like: Dark, damp and a little scary. I felt totally at home. Last week the owner, Scott Ellsworth, passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. I didn’t know Scott that well, but the couple times we talked he was always really friendly, and very supportive of the weird artsy place my buddies and I were building across the street. He ran a bar that didn’t have a cocktail program or a dress code. He ran a bar where you could sit down, have a shot and a beer and chat with familiar regulars. Inside the Uptown I’ve stored paintings during a scavenger hunt art show, made business deals, broken up fights, maybe gotten in a fight, tried in vain to get up the nerve to talk to a girl, watched my team dominate the World Series, and seen Sean Penn close it down.

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The Bold Italic has a great tribute to him today, which would have been his 60th birthday.

In 2011, when I posted a picture of “KiTOS”, the letters on the back of the bar, Scott wrote in to tell us that it stood for the previous owner’s names, Kim and Tony. Let’s just say now it stands for “Keep in Touch, Ol’ Scott.”

Jonathan Richman only buys one kind of cheese from Rainbow Grocery

And our pal Andreas was more than happy to indulge him:

After 8 years of working at the Rainbow Grocery Co-op Cheese Department it’s finally happened: I got to sell cheese to Jonathan Richman !!! It’s maddening because I see him in the aisles every couple of weeks but he’s always gone by the time I get out there to “front.” Today I finally found out why; he buys one cheese and one cheese only: Redwood Hill Raw Goat Feta.

I was restocking our sample table earlier today when I saw him flitting down the aisle towards me. He moved like a meerkat, making a beeline (meerline?) for the aforementioned feta. I played it cool, continuing to restock and avoid direct eye contact while I used my typical icebreaker: “Finding all your cheese alright today?” Breathlessly, he replied “Oh yeah, I love this stuff! Buy it every week.” “It’s good!” I said, smiling at him for a quick moment.

It would have been and remained a totally mundane encounter if not for the very last second, when he walked away from me and said, under his breath, “One love.”

Of course, this caused everyone to reminisce about their own encounters with Mr. Richman, and by the sound of them, he sounds like quite the guy!

Andrea:  I waited on him at the Egg & I– he was everything I could have imagined and more! I sat & had a smoke with him & he gave me a bunch of comps to first ave. what a guy!!!!!

Jenny:  when I worked in Philly, I did “hospitality” for him. He had $300 for a budget, what did he want? a six pack of non-alcoholic beer and a bottle of water. then he played for me for an hour at sound check. one of my best memories.

Kelly:  I got called down from the break room to help him once. He had watched a show on tv the night before about when “baby cows get to stay with the mommy cows” and he wondered if Parmigiano came from that.

Jonathan Richman, everybody!

[Photo via Night Fog Reader]

Björk ate at La Movida on 24th Street the other day

Every time I got to Pal’s Take Away (which operates out of La Movida during the day when La Movida is dormant) I wonder and often say out loud, “Who hangs out at La Movida at night, anyway?”

The answer is: Björk. Björk hangs out at La Movida at night. She had a mostly vegetarian dinner, with a party of eight.

No word on whether or not the dancing cat was one of them.

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Q&A with Candy Winters of Candy’s Crush

We’ve been rabid fans of Candy for a loooong time, ever since we saw her absolutely nail “Super Bass” at a DJ Purple karaoke party at Jack’s, waaaay back in the day. (Candy does it better than Nicki Minaj herself, no lie.)

Anyway, her band, Candy’s Crush, is making their live debut right here in the Mission this Friday night (which is both Valentine’s Day *and* Mission Mission’s 7th anniversary) at Verdi Club, opening for the world’s greatest LCD Soundsystem cover band, North American Scum.

We asked Candy if she might be able to give us an idea of what to expect, and she was like totes:

What’s your #1 musical influence?

Prince. Musically and lyrically, he is everything I want to be.

What’s your favorite part about being onstage in front of an audience?

There’s nothing better than being onstage. Personally, I live life pretty much entirely to entertain myself, and if, by doing so, I can entertain other people as well, I feel very satisfied.

How’d you put together your band?

Keith (our bass player) and I started this band after having a conversation about our mutual love for Chaka Khan. We wanted to do something funky that would get people to dance. At the time we were also in weird places with our love lives, so naturally starting a band sounded like a good way to get all the girls/boys. (I’ll put that to the test at our first show!) After that, we eventually recruited Koop (drums) and Rich (guitar) so we could have the sexiest band ever.

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

My 5th grade boyfriend bought me chocolates, a fake rose, took me roller skating and made me a mix tape for Valentine’s day (which included Blackstreet, No Doubt and Queen). It finally occurred to me in recent years that Valentine’s Day would never, ever again be so good. Instead of ranting about it, I prefer to use this holiday as an excuse to be with good people, get down on the dance floor and (hopefully) get some action. What more could anyone ask for?

Amen! Get advance tickets (since they’re cheaper than tickets at the door) and RSVP and invite yr friends!