Mildred In Gestalt's Bathroom

Mildred In Gestalt

One of a few weirdos watching you do your business and laughing all the time.

I’m assuming this is done with the bar owner’s blessing, if not cash. If you don’t want your bathroom ending up a crazy mess like every other men’s room in the area it might be a good idea to hire a street artist to create a trippy space for people to check out during their alone time. As you see above, there are still tags, but nothing like there could be.

Are there other examples of street art/graffiti done with the owner’s permission that improved a space or acted as a deterrent to more graffiti?

A Window Into The Previous Colors

One failed effort that comes to mind is the piece that was allowed to cover the outside of The Rite Spot, but with immediate complaints from the old school patrons (and apparent dislike by the staff) they painted the whole thing over sky blue. Now it’s just hated by confused birds.

Buy a Mission Reds Jersey!

Burrito Justice hipped us to the Mission Reds some time ago:

Mission Reds baseball players, Heinie Sand, Clyde Beck, Jim Stoner, Al Wright, and Babe Dahlgren. Date 1934 Apr. 9.

When I first saw that picture I thought, “man, that guy who set his coffee down on the lower left hand corner really ruined this shot for future generations.” Then I thought, “how cool would it be to have a reproduction of the Mission Reds uniform?”

Well it looks like someone answered that call. Burrito J commenter Andrew pointed out that Ebbet’s Field Flannels has them for sale:

While they aren’t 100% faithful reproductions, it’s still a pretty cool hat tip to the only baseball team named for a neighborhood where Latinos and Hipsters politely ignore each other’s existence. The downside? They cost $185. Not exactly recession pricing. But hey, maybe if enough of us commit to a bulk order they’ll knock it down a few.


Wrong caption for the old-timey photo. Updated. (thanks Trapper!)

More Mission Reds paraphernalia from Ebbet’s:

Ball Cap $35

Road Jersey $185

Ground Crew Jacket $79


Major League Mission

Way Chill SF Timelapse

We’re always suckers for a good timelapse video, and this excellent piece by MM reader Conway Twitty is no exception.  Special appearances by Dolores Park, Twin Peaks, and the Golden Gate Bridge, among others.  Furthermore, bonus points for pairing it with a mesmerizingly chill Ratatat tune!

(Thanks Conway!)

Broke-Ass Stuart's Broke Bucks

Hey, it looks like our pal Broke-Ass Stuart just got into the coupon game!  And, by the looks of things, he must be doing something right because his current coupon for Little Star Pizza is already selling faster than twinkies at a fat farm!  Listen to Stuart lay down the plans for his new venture:

The basic idea behind it is that I’m only gonna be bringing the illist shit I can.  It’s not gonna be stupid touristy stuff like 50% off riding the Duck Boats in the Bay.  It’s gonna be excellent food and drink spots as well as everybody’s favorite local brands.  I’m not a big corporation with start up capital, I’m a local dude trying to make everyone’s lives better.  Local business get paid while local people get something special.

Knowing him, he’s got some really dope shit lined up for his next deals.  If I were you I’d sign up for his Broke Bucks mailing list immediately and try to get one of these Little Star coupons before they sell out!

Guns Don't Kill People. Gun Stores That Sell Guns To People Who Kill People Kill People

Ian H. shot us an email about this development: High Bridge Arms hopes to re-open by the end of the year making the Mission the home to the only gun store in SF.

While the authors of all those glowing Yelp reviews and consumers of “Law Enforcement Supplies” are totally stoked, the locals aren’t so crazy about the idea.

The Northwest Bernal Alliance kicked off this email campaign:

Friends and Neighbors,

Once before we asked that you write letters to SFPD Permit Office telling them to deny High Bridge Arms (3185 Mission Street) a permit to sell guns in our neighborhood. That hearing has been continued 5 times and is now due to be heard SEPTEMBER 8TH.

It’s become more urgent now.

There have been several robberies at gunpoint right in our neighborhood and one recent hold up with a gun,  at the Cancun restaurant right next to the High Bridge Arms Gun Store.

We’ve been successful in causing delays in the permit process by forcing the owner to comply with the SF Planning Code but the hearing is slated for Sept 8th and we believe unless there is a great outcry from the neighborhood, the permit will be granted and once again we’ll be home to the ONLY GUN STORE IN ALL OF SAN FRANCISCO.

No matter how you feel about guns, I think you’d agree that they should not be anywhere near our homes and/or schools.
PLEASE WE URGE YOU-  take the time to send an email to the SFPD Permit Office and let them know how you feel.
And if you can call the Sergeant directly   415.553.9550

Attached is a sample letter – re-arrange it – add to it – write your own - but please send it before Sept 7 to:
ATT: Permit Code/Enforcement Sergeant Coggan<>
CC —Ingleside’s Permit/Code Enforcement Officer <>
CC—-Ingleside’s Captain Cassanego<>
CC—-us so we know it was sent – northwestbernal <>;

The hearing takes place 9/8 at 1pm at the SFPD Permit Station on 850 Bryant. More over at Curbed SF.

The Mission: Where Latinos and Hipsters Politely Ignore Each Other's Existence

The results are in and the Mission has a motto!  Paul D came up with the winning entry which managed to secure roughly one-third of the total votes.  Coming in second was “We All Think We Were Here First,” courtesy of Cranky Old Mission Guy, with “The Hipster Hamptons” by cassadie ranking third.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote!  Now, what do you think Paul D should win for coining this delightful moniker?

[Photo by Art Siegel]

They Might Be Giants Facilitate Epic Marriage Proposal at Stern Grove Concert

Today’s They Might Be Giants show in Stern Grove turned epic when Flansburgh dedicated a song to “Nick, who has a very important question for Kat.” Luckily for me, Nick and Kat were standing right next to me, and luckily for them, I am a blogger with a camera.

So Nick got down on one knee and produced a serious rock, the band launched into “New York City,” Kat accepted, and everyone around them cheered and wept!

TMBG are Kat’s favorite band of all time btw, so this was definitely the best proposal of all time. (And how exactly did Nick swing it? You’ll have to ask Nick.)

Best wishes, you guys!

The Most Ironic Line at Street Food Fest

The SF Street Food Festival organizers learned a lot from last year’s food mob and consequently increased the size and scope of the event almost four-fold this time around.  Nonetheless, a bunch of people still showed up and there were fifty-deep (albeit delicious) lines for all of the booths (at least at 2:30pm).

Burrito Justice has some great panoramas of the festivities (as well as a history lesson, naturally) and points out that although the lines were long, they moved quickly.  However, I still can’t get over the fact that there were 50 people waiting in line for BACON WRAPPED HOTDOGS??!?? Really, the same ones that you can get at any corner in the Mission?  And don’t tell me they were waiting for the virgin sangria or pina coladas!

Mission Hillbillies Are Movin' Out


Ready for a cross-country adventure. Wave goodbye!

and sing along . . .

Something Lurks In Good Vibrations

It's In There
Dragging it’s claws against the window . . .