Hidden Street Art, Dog

First it was a monster, then some kind of pipe smoking official, and now I’ve discovered a bro dog hiding beneath our feet.

Sidewalk Dog Sidewalk

Walking by this, I couldn’t help but notice that it was actually . . .

Sidewalk Dog

Anybody else?

"18th and Capp"

I’m not sure how I missed this one, but Potential Past, or “Brian” as some people call him, grabbed an amazing pic of an amazing street the other night.

18th and Capp

Click on these words and view it as it should be seen.

The 2010 18th Street Block Party (NSFV)

Seeing as how our analytics are telling me that people who are searching for “18th Street Block Party” are constantly being referred to this post about the same block party from two years ago, we felt it would be prudent to provide a little bit of an update.

If you’re not busy from 12-5pm this Saturday, August 28th, 2010, stop by 18th Street between Guerrero and Dolores for the 2nd Bi-Annual Party on Block 18.  There’ll be tasty bites from all sorts of local vendors and restaurants (like Delfina Pizzeria, Out the Door, and Kasa, the Indian place up the street), a pie-baking contest (categories are fruit and other–who knows what savory concoctions will be revealed?), and beer from the SF Brewers Guild (no need to rely on Cold Beer, Cold Water, as Andrew Dalton points out).  All the proceeds go to benefit the Women’s Building (and their daring rooftop dancers), BuenDia Family School, 826 Valencia, Next Course, and Pie Ranch.

Also, I don’t think they will be roasting a whole pig this time around (that photo was from the festivities two years ago), so the actual party should be safe for vegans–unlike this post!

[Photo by Denise]

The New Amnesia Sign

We’re a little late to the game, but last week Amnesia removed their classic old red sign in favor of a spiffy new one.  Looks like they’re finally moving forward with that whole nautically-themed rennovation that was alluded to a few months ago.

So, how does everyone feel about it?  I for one can’t wait until they start installing the portholes.  One question though:  What are those ellipses supposed to imply?

Illuminated at night


[New Sign Daytime Photo by joachimsf]

[Old Sign Photo by battyward]


Amnesia Going Nautical

Cell Dancer

Laughing Squid posted a delightful video of this cell phone getting down in front of the Mission St. MetroPCS:

He may be puffy, but he’s definitely not lazy. The person inside this inflatable cellphone suit posseses an incredible amount of energy, because he’s been observed dancing vigorously for hours on end in front of a MetroPCS cellphone shop on Mission Street in San Francisco. Work it, dude!

In other news, making an animated gif these days is a fucking pain in the ass.

Candlelight Vigil for Cyclist Killed in Hit and Run Tonight

A community candlelight vigil and walk is going down tonight at 8pm for Yannick Linke, the cyclist who was killed in a collision at Turk and Masonic by an allegedly drunk driver who then tried to flee the scene.

Bike NOPA has all the details, and adds that the family suggests donations should be sent to Doctors Without Borders.

Keep it real everyone, and hopefully they’ll get that deathtrap of a street figured out soon.

CityMint: Take Your Sloth To The Next Level

What, is having free bicycle deliveries from local restaurants not enough for you? Still haven’t gotten over the anxiety of speaking to human beings on the phone?

7×7 reports on a new iPhone app called CityMint that allows you to place orders from your phone and receive deliveries to Dolores Park:

Beginning this Saturday, you’ll be able to order delivery from Rhea’s Deli…, Serrano’s Pizza, Rosamunde, Jay’s Cheesesteaks and Frjtz Gourmet Belgium Fries directly to the park. Orders are charged at regular menu price and the delivery is free through eco-friendly bike-delivery service TCB Courier.

So how do they find you once they get to the park? GPS signals from your phone, naturally. Throw in a nice tip and the delivery guy might even hand feed it to you while fanning you with a palm frond.

Sadly, I’m probably going to try this nonsense on Saturday (even though the bitchin’ weather is expected to nose dive 40 degrees by then).

[photo from Katy Raddatz, SFGate]

Ike's Place Is Closing Today, But Then It Isn't?!?

In a fitting development to all the drama that’s been happening over at the most popular sandwich place in the Castro, Ike’s Place will actually be staying open–for now.  Media outlets such as the Bay Citizen and Grub Street were accounting earlier that Ike’s had finally been ultimately slain by a morning court ruling.

However, as vegansaurus’ on-the-scene correspondent Steve reports, Ike’s eviction has been indefinitely suspended, due to a technicality!  Take it away, Steve:

I’m standing at Ike’s Place for my final order, and Ike just came out and announced triumphantly, “we’re not closing!” So here we go. The landlord evicted the wrong entity: Ike and his mom, instead of the corporation named Ike’s Place. So, he gets a new day in court, on a technicality. And the sheriff agrees: a stay of execution!

 The show goes on.  SFist was on it too.

[Photo by slowpoke_sf]

Dolores Park Magician

While minding our own business at Dolores Park this weekend, we were accosted by a Burner-esque fellow who wanted to perform some magic tricks.  When no one in the surrounding area objected, he proceeded with his act. 

The first trick, in the above video, was obviously a (pretty bad) joke, but the next one actually produced some mystical intrigue.  How does he do it?

Slightly impressed, we decided to contribute a dollar to his Burning Man fund.  We also hipped him to the pre-Playa burners you can see the background practicing for this weekend by wearing furry boas and top hats so he could reside with his own kind.  I also told him how I feel about Burning Man:

The best time to find a girlfriend in San Francisco, because anyone who’s here, well, isn’t there!


Grilled Cheese Vanagon:  Burning Man or Bust

Cat Party at the Knockout TONIGHT!

Well, not exactly that kind of cat party.  Less felines, more punk rock, but definitely still a party!  Cat Party is visiting from down South and stopping in San Francisco before they continue to the Pacific Northwest to play more music.  They’ve got a rad old school sound reminiscent of the Wipers and Husker Du with “the blackest of TSOL” thrown in for good measure.

Headlining the show and back from a summer hiatus is LA CORDE, which happens to be the band in which I play drums.  For our part, everyone says that our new 7″ sounds like Joy Division, so I guess that’s never a bad thing.  Plus, this is your chance to show up and heckle me for all the shitty posts that I’ve written!

Opening the show is Dadfag, with DJs Deadbeat and Yule Be Sorry handling the intermissions.  It’s only $5 and starts at 9:30pm at the Knockout.  See you there!

[Photo via Anne Lee]