Fancy menu generator

Former Mission Mission contributor/designer/guru David Cole is taking the foodie scene to the next level:

Wait for it…..



Great work, David!

You’re aware that Ronnie Spector (of the Ronettes, yes) is playing in the Mission this weekend, right?

Here’s more info, not that it should matter:

Featuring M.C. Peaches Christ & DJ Carnita
And Special Guests!
Milk N’ Cookies, NOBUNNY, Sloths, Harold Ray
Sat, July 5, 2014
Doors: 9:00 pm
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
San Francisco, CA

RSVP and invite your friends! Get tickets here while you still can.

P.S. She’s also playing in Oakland at Burger Boogaloo in Mosswood Park — along with Reigning Sound, the Phantom Surfers, Shannon and the Clams, Nobunny, the Bananas, and more. Burger Boogaloo is super fun:

Here’s a DeLorean hovercraft cruising around San Francisco Bay

[via Connie]

Al Gore on whether or not San Francisco is still cool

[via Megan Wong]

Check out this house’s paint job giving you the finger

Same to you, buddy!

Here’s a closer look:

Drink of the Week: The NASCAR Negroni

Duvel and Campari over ice, twist of orange. (Why Aperol when you can Campari?)

3D City: Dolores Tower

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Along with the typical Wachoski and hunky Jesus spottings, you’re likely to spot these acrobats doing their thing in Dolores Park once or twice a week. I’m not exactly sure which group this was, but I’m thinking it could be AcroYoga. If you know, share some info in the comments. Shot with my Nimlso 3D camera on Kodak T-Max film.

Wachowski’s Sense8 shooting at Pride

I hope everyone’s enjoying Pride Weekend out there in the sun. Don’t forget to drink water. Seriously. We’ve all got to do our part in this awful drought, but drink a lot of water.

The Matrix filmmakers, The Wachowski Siblings, were back in our neighborhood shooting for their upcoming Netflix series yesterday. The series includes a diverse cast from all over the world, including a transgender blogger, which may be the connection to Pride. Though from what we see here it looks like they’re highlighting two cisgender women, so maybe not? I’d hope and assume the Wachowski’s would give a trans role to a trans person. (Correction: Jamie Clayton is trans, thanks, Andy. Did some searching and somehow didn’t find that.) They certainly seem to be willing to work with the communities that in which they’re shooting, Mission Local has an article about production collaborating with CAMP to shoot in Clarion Alley.

Cristiano Valli caught some good shots of them at work during Dykes on Bikes.

Andy Wachowski on set.

Jamie Clayton getting direction from Lana Wachowski.

Jamie Clayton and Freema Agyeman taking a selfie in character.

Lana Wachowski in the zone.

Mission smorgasbord

This was my dinner last night. (I was pretty hungry.) Let’s go north to south:

  • Leftover squid ink noodles from Mission Chinese Food
  • Leftover carnitas super burrito w/ chips and guac from El Metate
  • Leftover Special Indian Pizza from Zante


I found a packet of cheese in the gutter