"2010 Resolution: Less snark, more heart."

(photo and title by Lady Miss Kate)

Neither Sleet Nor Snow Nor Rain Nor Vomit

Jason Schlachet)

Last NYE on Capp

No Cassettes Looks Solid

The non-embeddable trailer on the homepage is better than the one below, but whatever. (link)

Mission Hipster Named Sexiest Geek for 2010

Hey, look at that!  Crystal Williams, fellow Mission Drupal nerd and one time Foursquare mayor of Mission Bar can add sex symbol to her resume.


Hella Down

Mission muralist and artist Rio Yañez posted up a whole mess of purikura.  Kinda love it.  Is purikura going to become the hot 2010 cool kid ‘social network’ meme?  If there is a God, then yes.  (link)

"do not ever bring coors to tamale day, I have and will throw that in the trash. Coors is anti-tamale."

Tamale Day went down when I was -OTS, sadly.  Looked like a KILLER TIME.

Tamale day is a strong believer in segregation and prejudice.  But rather than using this as hate, we use them as tools. You see white people have fucked up tamale day more than enough times. As a result we’ve had to enact some rules. Now I understand some people think this is “wrong” but to those people I say fuck you, white people ruin all our shit anyways and Tamale Day is about BROWN PRIDE! We don’t fuck with that vegan train of sucks, rolled tacos, white ass rice, or mango chutneys or whatever weak ass bullshit these cornball motherfuckers want to introduce.

The number one crime whites have commited at Tamale Day was touching the fucking steamer. One year a bunch of my hungry friends kept on checking the steamer. The problem with this is that the steam then escapes and condensates on the lid. The water drips on the tamales below which have dropped in temperature so that it takes longer to cook soggy tamales. After that year the coalition of the brown enacted a no white people allowed to touch the steamer initiative.

Cool Kid Travels: "Don't unwrap or it'll be on your lap!"

Mission Mission favorite Kati Jackson took a trip to the great city of Portland and stumbled across this burrito guide.  Dunno.  I always unwrap my burrito or else I end up eating tinfoil because I didn’t get enough oxygen when I was born.  It’s never been a problem.  The burrito, that is.

Also, for those of you who don’t have the time to read the Shakespearean string of comments that I’m sure this post will envoke, let me sum it up for you:

  1. I don’t get it.  What the FUCK does THIS have to do with THE MISSOIN?!?
  2. Argh, where’s Allan?
  3. Kevin, why don’t you just commit seppuku with a bag of skittles already?
  4. This is the worst blog on the fucking internet, but I’m gunna continue reading it anyways because my life is kinda shitty right now.
  5. Katie who?
  6. lol the mouth in #3 is funnie roflmaozhedongs

"Mexico is like a super authentic version of the Mission"


(photo David Hernandez)

Remember when Gestalt Haus used to be one of the best bars in the Mission?

I used to love this place: you could pretty much roll in any day of the week, toss your bike up in the rack, get served a vegan sausage and a liter of beer from someone who always seemed to be more drunk than you and proceed to drink until you were ready to have a track stand contest on the pool table.  Then Murph sold the business to some bro and opened up shop in Fairfax.  Bro then installed some televisions, then a DJ booth, then tossed the bike rack in the dumpster, started having issues keeping sauerkraut in stock, the employees sobered up, the bathroom stopped being covered in piss and cum, and the scene left for Bender’s.

The only redeeming value of the ‘new’ Gestalt Haus was you could still order a liter of beer and bet money if there would be any food in stock.  Well, a tipster tells us that they’ve taking up refusing to serve some beer in liter glasses: “I offered to pay the guy $20 dollars to pour a Leffe in a liter glass and he flat out refused saying it was now against bar policy.”

RIP Gestalt.

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