Snow (Or Hail) On Mission Street

Moments ago.

Snowing on Mission at 17th

From Spots Unknown.

Update: Its probably hail. Still on hold with the National Weather Service to fact-check while maintaining my hipster image and sense of cool. There were at least 4 errors in this update. Find them all and win a basket of fries. -vic

Fight Climate Change By 'Conducting Activities' In A Tree House

Some folks decided to build a treehouse in the outer Mission’s McLaren park and want to invite you to do stuff there and take pictures. You know, for the environment. Here’s a clip of their craigslist ad:

Last week we built a tree house in McLaren park just off of Sunnydale Ave behind the school. It is rather sturdy, can hold up to four people and has an overhead tarp to protect inhabitants from rain. This treehouse was created with the intentions of imagining how the world might look if we don’t stop climate change.

This treehouse is free for use 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please feel free to conduct any activities you like in this space. We ask that if at all possible that you take photos of your use of the treehouse or send us an email to talk about your thoughts and feelings on this project.

(via Kasper Hauser. This one is real, unlike the ads on their alternate-reality khraigslist)

Robin Johnston at Artist Television Access

Noticed this while walking down Valencia Street and realized that I hadn’t seen what the kids at Artist Television Access have been up to lately.  Time to change that!  The DIY ethos exuded by ATA is pretty much what our neighborhood is based on.

A little research reveals that Robin Johnston is the creator of this piece, and she just happens to be holding an opening this afternoon from 4-7pm.  Titled Keeping Count (similar to my favorite Depeche Mode song!!!), it depicts ALL American casualities from 2003 to 2010.  Each string represents a day, and each knot in each string represents a death.  Deep stuff!

So perform your patriotic HUMANITARIAN civic duty at ATA this evening (or whenever you happen to walk by the window).

BONUS--craziness in other ATA window

Hack The Planet! Starting With That Sign Outside Of Blue Plate

Blake E. sends us this:

Seen on Friday. I asked someone in Blue Plate what the deal was and he seemed pretty sure the sign had been hacked. Nice.

I’ve gotta admit, even though it’s just petty vandalism, the geek in me thinks this is pretty damn cool. If absurd 90s tech thrillers are true, the hacker behind this could be a smokin’ hot philanthropic babe, too.

Too bad these h4x0rs always use their talents just to throw up nonsense “greetz” to their comrades. Hey guys, here’s a suggestion for next time: “BIKES ONLY”. Kick off the Sunday streets early this year.

Update: Apparently, this is not too difficult to do. Check out some other examples. Hack responsibly, dudes.

Third Eye Blind Mission Scooter Club

Janee_ just pointed out that the music video for Third Eye Blind’s 90′s hit Semi-Charmed Life was shot in the Mission:

This is almost as cool as that Chumbawumba video shot in Hayes Valley. (On second thought, maybe I dreamt that)

Monster Draw Rally

The Crowd

Pics from last night’s fundraiser for Southern Exposure at Verdi Club. Local artists drawing in hour long shifts before their work is put up on the wall and sold for $60.

Paul Madonna
Paul Madonna

More pics below.

Dry Heave Cavern

Ooh, it’s super sunny outside.  Can this be the kind of weekend for rehab in the park?  Warm and cozy yet dutifully sheltered from the migraine-inducing rays of sun by Oriental umbrellas and Wayfarers while administering a steady hangover-abating electrolyte IV courtesy of Fierce Lime?

JANEBOOK takes the time to reminisce.

This weather report says it’s still too cold.  Damn groundhog.

But I just got this text from my cousin Minoo!

Gonna get coffee and do physics in the park.  Want to join?

You know, I think I do!  Take that Phil!

UPDATE!!! And while I was there, Ganja Treats guy got arrested by an undercover cop!  It’s the end of an era.  Kevmo has more over at Uptown Almanac.

Can't We Just Have a Normal Garage Sale For Once?

MissionMission reader Anna spotted this promotional material above the 24th/Mission BART station, and since I’m probably not gonna make it over to Fruitvale this weekend to audition for Hoarders at the gargantuan White Elephant Sale, I might have to settle for this.

After all, where else can I find:

A Digdogger completely unadulterated by rogue magic whistle blowing?

That damn Evil Dead book? And a chair to sit on while I read and unleash an Army of Darkness?

A Phanto-landlord overzealously concerned with my key deposit?

Zen weed (traditional Japanese seaweed)?

A talking penis imploring me to "please cum"?

That’s right.  Only in the Mission.  And maybe the Tenderloin too.

Oh snap, it just started!  Better head over!

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?


VentureTek™: Enterprise Comedy Solutions

Cast member Joey “Electric Boogajew” Price sent us VentureTek™’s latest video, “The Search 4Douglas“.

"I just can't stop looking at these puppies"

“VentureTek™” is a new sketch comedy troupe from the Mission, not to be confused with a couple of existing completely vague tech companies (or domain squatters). Luckily, judging from their 1997-style websites neither has the budget to take legal action against our local boys.

Warning: these guys are weird. The way I see it, there are two camps of sketch these days: the play-it-safe SNL/MadTV type, and the iMovie-meets-public-access-TV-nacho-fever-dream type. VentureTek™ definitely falls in the latter camp. The first episode reminds me of Stella, and the second one reminds me of Tim and Eric, but with more beards. If that’s not your style, you’ll probably hate these guys. That’s cool, though. I hear Best Buy is having a sale on Family Guy DVD box sets.

Full episodes after the jump.