Mario and Luigi must live here

Right? Anyone catch them hanging out across the street in Dolores Park?

Dolores Park Battleship

Ryan P. writes:

Never be lost in Dolores Park again! “Hey, where are you?” “D4, you?” “B3, you sunk my battleship!”

Your second chance to live in a church across from Dolores Park

Boy, you sure blew it by not ponying up $7 million to buy that crazy church-turned-house across from the park last year. Now it’s gone to a boring society-benefiting cause like education.

Don’t worry, your second chance may be on the way. Reclaimed-church mogul Siamak Akhavan (who also converted 601 Dolores), hopes to give a 4-unit residential makeover to the Second Church of Christ, Scientist on 20th and Dolores. Yes, the dome would be converted to a unit and good luck finding dome-friendly picture frames.

Fun fact: Christian Science has absolutely nothing to do with actual science.

More over at Curbed SF.

[photo via wallyg]

Another Dolores Park, maybe

Between the lions

Perhaps this is the entrance to some super-secret Mission book club!

La Rondalla may be hitting on you

In continuing efforts to remind you that they’re still not open (but possibly working on it), La Rondalla has taken to giving out either compliments or tips, depending on who you are:

Um, guilty as charged?

More baffling signage at La Rondalla

Well, as far as we can tell, La Rondalla isn’t any closer to reopening since the last time we checked. It’s clear they missed their projected “by June at the latest” launch date.

However, they are continuing their long tradition of putting up mysterious signs with vague references to current events in order to demonstrate that they are still alive:

But wait, are these really elaborate clues about the fate of the restaurant? Let’s analyze:

“Summer time blues”: Well it is summer, but why the blues? Are the blues about acquiring the necessary permits to tack up dangerous amounts of tinsel throughout the interior as they did in the past?

“No kid hungry”: Is this alluding to some kind of after-school meal program that they plan to offer?

Dolores Park’s hidden patch of wildflowers

It’s gonna be nice out today; might wanna blow off work and roll around in these beauties all afternoon.

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San Dimas High School Football Rules!






















If you’ve ever been curious about time traveling to 1805 Austria all you gotta do is pop in this pooper and dial 1-323-459-4303. Right around the corner from Rhea’s, or is it Circle K?

More Sutro worship

If we were an early Pagan society with some kind of shell-based monetary system, we’d all worship Sutro tower. Like the sun, it’s huge and can be seen everywhere. Also like the sun, it constantly blasts us with helpful radiation (assuming you find TV helpful).

These days, we don’t turn towards it twice a day and pray for protection against the club-wielding apes, but we do take a shit-ton of pictures of it. Here are a couple more tributes from this week:

Local indie-music heartthrob Ryan Browne posted this soothing video montage he shot over the course of a few months. Check it:

WBTC points out that Therapy on Valencia, in addition to being a brick magnet, carries those dreamy laser-cut plywood 1/1000 scale models, if you don’t mind supporting a dude who allegedly likes to threaten other would-be-sutro-model-makers with legal action:

That’s it. Sutro bless you all.